[Article] 170314 BTS "Boy In Luv" hits 100 million views

Idol group BTS's "Boy In Luv" music video reached 100 million views.

On the 14th, according to BigHit Entertainment, BTS's second mini album "Skool Luv Affair" title track "Boy In Luv" music video recorded 100,003,344 views on Youtube as of 10:11PM on 13th March. In 3 years since the release of the music video in 2014 February, the music video hit 100 million views.

This is the exclusive views of "Boy In Luv" music video on the 1theK Youtube channel and when we add the view counts from BigHit Entertainment's official Youtube account, the music video received over 104,575,394 views in total.

BTS has received over 100 million views for "DOPE", "FIRE", "Blood Sweat & Tears", followed by "Boy In Luv" music video. The group holds four music videos with 100 million views.

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1. Our hard work was worth! I hope you guys will continue to have great news! BTS, purple you +148 -0

2. Finally, Boy in luv hits 100 million views +143 -0

3. Congrats, congrats~~ +132 -0

4. We achieved 100 million views yesterday! +122 -0

5. Streaming the music video was worth! Congrats +102 -1

6. I think this is the starting point music video that gathered BTS's international fandom and the song that slowly made Koreans question "Who are these guys?" officially. This has been receiving constant love and it finally hits 100 million views. Congrats, congrats +46 -0

7. This means they now have four 100 million view music videos including DOPE, FIRE, BST and Boy in Luv ㅜㅜㅠㅠ As expected from Growth Boy Scouts. I hope you will return after ending your world tour successfully! +46 -0

8. They're really unapproachable ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ this is the result of your hard work. People are finally recognizing you. Who thought Boy in Luv would do so well? ㅠㅠㅠ Congrats on hitting four 100 million views music videos and do well on your world tour! +44 -0

9. Congrats! +41 -0

10. Honestly, I skipped Boy in Luv because of the title without listening to the song but I became a fan after getting to listen to it by accident ㅠㅠ amazing BTS +37 -0

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