[Article] 170316 Why do you only write about BTS? "Because they do well on our charts!"

Group BTS is a topic.

BTS's new album "You Never Walked Alone" ranked No. 151 on the latest "Billboard 200" chart updated on the 11th.

Other than this, BTS's "HYYH Young Forever", "WINGS" and other albums entered "Billboard 200" 5 times. With articles reporting that BTS is the first Korean singer to enter "Billboard 200" chart for 6 times, many anti fans questioned about BTS's achievements.

One international KPOP fan had asked KPOP columnist and writer of US cable channel fuse TV, "Jeff Benjamin", "Why do you only write about BTS?". To this Jeff Benjamin replied, "It's simple really: I write K-pop chart articles -> BTS does well on our charts -> I have to write chart articles about BTS".

His reply reached many Korean fans (T/N: not only BTS fans) and they responded, "This is a very refreshing comment!", "It's absurd how they accuse BTS of faking their achievements~", "Even a foreign writer recognizes them!", "I'm a fan from another fandom but BTS is really amazing", "I guess it's all because BTS is doing well...". His tweet is a topic among many Korean fans on online community sites.

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