[Article] 170317 "V APP" Rap Monster, "Korea without BTS, please wait for a bit"

Group BTS Rap Monster asked his fans to wait for them as he talked about their absence in Korea.

On the 17th evening, Rap Monster did a surprise live broadcast on Naver V Live to interact with his fans.

Rap Monster who told his fans that they had "just finished the rehearsal" asked his fans, "Please ask me questions you'd like to know".

The fans left cute complaints like, "It's so hard to live in Korea without BTS" which made Rap Monster smile. He replied them with a heart fluttering answer, "What do I do... Please wait for a bit". 

Meanwhile, BTS officially began their "WINGS" world tour.

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1. Our leader who takes care of fans despite the hectic schedule... thank you very much... +12 -0

2. Kim Leader, fighting. Thank you for thinking about us ^^ 

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