[Article] 170318 "Park Sohyun's Love Game" Park Sohyun shows off her "fan skills" and her extraordinary love for BTS

Park Sohyun showed off her extraordinary love for BTS.

During the 18th broadcast of SBS Power FM "Park Sohyun's Love Game", they ranked the 20th and 21st-century singers who were born in March and played BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears" during this segment.

It was because BTS Suga's birthday is on March 9th. Park Sohyun marveled as she introduced the song to her listeners and made them smile.

Park Sohyun explained BTS Suga and SNSD Taeyeon were born on March 9th and said this day is known as the birthday of geniuses, showing off her extraordinary "fan skills".

She also enthusiastically informed her listeners that BTS is currently performing in Mexico, proving her love for BTS again.

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