[Article] 170320 BTS Rap Monster collaborates with US rapper Wale, "CHANGE"

Boy group BTS member Rap Monster collaborated with US rapper Wale.

On the 20th March at 12AM, Rap Monster revealed the audio and music video of the song he collaborated with US rapper Wale, "Change" on their official SNS channel. Rap Monster and Wale who were interested in each other's music naturally met and agreed to collaborate and released the song together.

 Wale is an American rapper from Washington who is recognized by the public and critics for his many mixtapes and albums. He's a talented musician who worked together with many famous singers like Lady GaGa, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj. He was also nominated for "Best Rap Song" at the 55th Grammy Awards.

Rap Monster collaborated with US Hip Hop master Warren G in 2015 March, "P.D.D" and released his first mixtape "RM" in the same month. This is his mixtape in 2 years since the release of his first mixtape and he exhibited all his full capability as a rapper.

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1. This was really natural because Wale-nim followed on Twitter and suggested a collaboration after listening to Namjoon's rap ㅠㅠ he even came to Korea personally to shoot the music video, wore a shirt with Korean flag, and released the song for free although he could be paid for royalty ㅠㅠ this song is really my taste, from the moment I heard the melody I was like heok and now I'm listening to it on repeat ㅠㅠ ha.. I love Namjoon's rap, voice, and the vibe, everything... ah and I realized something. We need to be a fangirl like Venny ㅋㅋ I love you, Venny the successful fangirl who made it possible for Namjoon and Wale to work together ㅠㅠ ♡ +844 -50

2. This is daebak... collaborating with the Billboard No. 1 singer... +752 -37

3. wow... he collaborated with Wale?? this is insane.. BTS is daebak +705 -36

4. (shivers) I'm proud of him +617 -34

5. wow +492 -25

6. Rap Mon looked cool. Thanks for releasing a mixtape in 2 years. As expected, rapper Namjoon is the best +205 -5

7. Whenever I hear something like this, I'm proud of KPOP as a Korean regardless of me being his fan. Of course, Rap Mon is caepjjang +207 -7

8. the meaning of the song... and releasing this song for free, that's really cool. The music video is cool too +187 -3

9. The lyrics are really great. I'm so proud (thumbs up) +187 -4

10. I can't believe they released such amazing song without any teasers and shared it for free plus the music video.. they're so cool. Rap Mon and Wale's lyrics make me think of many things +181 -3

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