[Article] 170320 [Music Watch] The presence of Rap Monster who has been a rapper for 11 years, he's not just the leader of BTS - Sexy Brain Man

The presence of the rapper who has been rapping for 10 years was intense. Rap Monster put down his position as the leader of group BTS (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) and his image as the "sexy brain man" for a moment and stepped forward as a solo rapper.

On the 20th March at 12AM, Rap Monster released the audio and music video of his new song "Change". He did not release the song on online music sites where listeners have to pay. He chose to make it available for free online on BTS's official Twitter, Youtube, Sound Cloud, etc.

His new song is a collaboration with rapper Wale. Wale is an American rapper from Washington who released many albums and mixtapes. He is a talented musician who has been recognized by the public and the critics. He has worked together with famous singers like Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna, receiving love from many listeners. His single "Lotus Flower Bomb" released in 2011 was dominated as the "Best Rap Song" at the 55th Grammy Awards. A BTS international fan connected the two singers on SNS and the collaboration was made possible. Rap Monster expressed his gratitude and said, "This is thanks to our fan. Thank you. Wale came all the way to Korea thanks to the fan.". The two singers have been interested in each other's music so they naturally agreed to work together by making free time despite their hectic schedules and happily collaborated. BTS is focusing on their "World Tour", starting in Chile Santiago on the 11th but Wale had come to Korea before the group's tour to complete their collaboration.

Rap Monster appears in the vacant building and captures the listeners with his fine yet tenacious rapping. He attracts our attention with his fluent English and charisma. Wale who receives the baton with Rap Monster continues with his groovy rap that makes us sway to the music, intensifying the class of their collaboration.

This isn't Rap Monster's first collaboration with a foreign musician. In 2015 March, he released the song "P.D.D" with Warren G who is a legendary musician that lead 1990 G Funk and a master of US hip hop scene. This song became an issue in Korea because it was Warren G's first collaboration with a KPOP musician.

Back then, Rap Monster revealed his determination with the line "I will prove everything with my skills". Warren G worked on 6 tracks that would suit Rap Monster. After completing the song, he said, "Rap Monster is one of the exceptional rappers I know.  His delivery is amazing. He has amazing flow, style and rhythm. When I listen to Rap Monster's rap, he sounds like a rapper from the US like Snoop Dogg or myself. Watching him rap felt like watching Snoop Dogg perform.".

His first solo mixtape that he released shortly after received positive remarks from the critics and hip hop listeners. His mixtape included 11 songs in total including his title track "Do You", the pre-released track "Awakening"", and "Rush" featuring rapper Krizz Kaliko from Strange Music. This mixtape was ranked No. 48 by US music media SPIN in their 2015 50 Best Hip Hop Album. He was the first KPOP musician to enter this chart. Same year, he also participated in Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy's project group MFBTY's first full album. 

In fact, the first title that comes to our mind when we think of "Rap Monster" is that he's the leader of group BTS. Or it's "Sexy Brain Man". This is because the albums released by the group BTS has topped major music charts of Korean and other countries and they also entered one of the US main Billboard chart, "Billboard 200" which is known as the dream of all musicians around the world. They are walking on the global royal road. He also received attention when his IQ was revealed to be 148 on tvN variety program "Sexy Brain Generation - Problematic Men" in 2015.

During the early days of BTS's debut, many wondered what made the student who used rank in the top 1% in the nation in terms of high school grades decided to become an idol rapper. After his mock test in high school, he got a call from BigHit Entertainment to come see Bang Sihyuk Producer and that is how he became a trainee. During their previous @style interview, he said, "I do always regret about the path I did not take but even if I had not received that call and entered a good university after studying very hard, I think I would have repented about music all my life. If I compare the quantity and quality of the regrets, I regret much less now.".

He has been active as BTS member for almost 4 years now but if we consider his active years since the underground activities, he has been walking the road as a rapper for 10 years. Rap Monster who has been growing his dream to become a rapper by listening to Epik High and Jay Z has become the rapper who is now leading the global trend KPOP group that has both musicality and popular appeal from a rising artist in the underground hip hop scene. Although he is under more pressure and despair due to his increased degree of participation for the group's album, he is also a rapper on his 11th year who heads to his workspace because he has fans who listen to his music and become his driving force.

There are many modifiers that follow Rap Monster but in the end, through his collaboration with Wale he successfully demonstrated his capability as Rapper Rap Monster. Rap Monster expressed that he was disappointed by the completeness of his first mixtape in many ways and he revealed he wishes to complete his second mixtape only with songs made by himself and reach the level that will make him feel more pleased with his work.  This is why we are already anticipating to his new work.

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