[Article] 170321 BTS successfully completes their South America tour in Chile and Brazil... 44000 fans "sang along"

Group BTS opened their "WINGS World Tour" after successfully ending their South America tour.

On the 11th and 12th March, BTS held "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR" at Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile and on 19th and 20th at Citibank Hall in São Paulo, Brazil. They met with over 44000 fans at the concert venues.

Their South American fans were passionate even before the actual start of the show. Hundreds of fans came to welcome BTS who traveled from the other side of the world to Chile and Brazil airports, causing overcrowding and paralyzing.  A Chile TV news (CHV) also did a live broadcast reporting BTS's arrival at the airport.

BTS passionately performed the live stage for the audience who came to watch their concert. The show began with "Not Today", including members' solo stages, title song medley, and unit stages which made the South American fans to cheer loudly. Their fans sang along to the rapping and singing during the entire show as if they were repaying the members' intense performance, creating a fantastic sight.

BTS expressed, "You are our wings and we believe we're able to fly safely thanks to you. We think being together means to share a great number of episodes/stories. We wish we could continue to share more episodes, laugh, cry, and walk together with ARMYs around the world."

Meanwhile, BTS will continue the US tour until early April in Newark, Chicago,  and Anaheim.

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1. It's very touching to watch the international fans singing along with BTS in Korean ㅜㅜ +361 -0

2. They all sang so well in Korean.. +302 -0

3. My proud singers! BTS ARMY! They sang along in Korean!! Brazilian ARMYs are amazing!! +282 -0

4. I think the international fans really know how to enjoy the concert ㅜㅜ +267 -0

5. My singers who I'm always proud of ♡  I will pray for you to end your tour successfully and safely until the very last showㅎㅎ and I will always support from the other side of Earth ♡ ♡ ♡  +261 -0

6. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so touched by the Brazilian ARMYs this time ㅠㅠ they were really overflowing with passion +67 -0

7. Brazilian ARMYs are really jjang/amazing!! I personally wish Korean fans would not obsess too much with fanchants and try to enjoy the concert too. I think ARMYs and BTS will both have more fun when they sing along together and cheer for them. +64 -0

8. I thought they weren't Brazilian unnies... their Korean pronunciation is daebak... I'm so proud of them +61 -0

9. I'm especially touched by the Brazilian ARMY's love for BTS +60 -0

10. wow they're amazing ㅋㅋ I was really shocked when I heard the Brazilian fans singing along to their song because their Korean pronunciation was so good. How could they sing along to so many songs? ㅋ +58 -0

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