[Article] 170321 Do you know "Bangtan Face Project"?

BTS fans' "Clean Fandom Culture" campaign
They collect trash at concert venues, etc. Even their international fans join the campaign

Group BTS fans are campaigning to create a new fandom culture.  This is called "BangFae Project". "BangFae" is the shortened form of "Bangtan Face" and the object of this campaign is to create a good image for their singer since "the fans are the face of their singers". This project began in September 2016.

BTS's fanclub "ARMY" has created an SNS account for "Bangtan Face Project" to share details about the project. The fans have picked trash at concert venues, helped the unfortunate neighbors, etc. 

Furthermore, they are working hard to spread public show etiquette and supporting the culture which will help them support other artists performing at these events without covering the view of other audience, etc.

The fans collected trash at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul last February when BTS held their concert, they also separated the garbage accordingly. This became an issue among the idol fandoms. They also created the "ARMY service group" since January and visited animal shelters in each region to help with bathing the animals and cleaning the area. Currently, they are raising fund to help the unfortunate neighbors to celebrate BTS's debut anniversary.

This fandom culture is spreading to other countries as well. Fans collected the trash in and outside the concert venue of "Kcon 2017 Mexico" and at BTS's world tour Chile concert venue and the story was shared on Twitter. Previously, European fanclub members also received attention for their "Radio Request Project" to help BTS gain recognition in the Europe. This once again proves that KPOP is also spreading the fandom culture.

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1. This is cool +76 -1

2. I think it's really cool how the fans are doing this voluntarily. I think I read before about BTS's donation. I respect the fans who are like their singer +71 -0

3. They are a nice singer and their fandom who work to create a good culture. Adults should learn from them. +68 -1

4. ARMY, it's cool how you thought about this on your own and put into practice! BTS and ARMY, fighting! I hope everything you do to be successful +67 -1

5. ARMY jjang +64 -1

6. First of all, I think the fans are able to do this because BTS itself has a good personality. BTS has shown good images to their fans and they gave them good influence so I think that is how the fans are continuing their good characters. I saw that even the international fans are doing this Bangtan Face project and I'm very proud ㅎㅎ BTS is cool and ARMYs with good hearts are cool too! +45 -1

7. The fans are just like their sincere singers with a great personality. I hope you will set a good example to the fandom culture. Bangtan ARMY caepjjang ^^ +40 -0

8. This is nice to see because the fans aren't doing this because someone's forcing them and they're continuing this good work by participating voluntarily. Let's create a healthy fandom ca...caejjang! +42 -1

9. Idol culture has existed for quite a long time and it's time to see more improved culture. BTS and ARMYs will play a great role in improving the idol fandom culture positively. I hope to see more articles written about this so it could help to improve concert culture and the negative ideas normal people have about fans ^^;; BTS and ARMYs are really cool. +42 -1

10. As expected from our ARMY♡ let's continue being mature +40 -1

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