[Article] 170325 BTS's interview with US Billboard... 18000 users watched the live broadcast

Group BTS is receiving high attention from the local US media continuing the attention they received in South America.

On the 22nd (local time), arriving in New York after their successful South America "WINGS Tour" concerts BTS did interviews with the US Billboard, iHeartRadio, Music Choice, and other local music medias.

When the fans heard about BTS's live interview with Billboard, they crowded in front of Billboard's New York head office building to see BTS.

During the interview with Billboard, BTS expressed their thoughts on achieving the highest ranking as Korean artist on "Billboard 200" (No. 26), shared their excitement about the US concert, and continued a lively interview as they talked about each member's charms.

The live broadcast was broadcasted globally. About 18,000 viewers connected to watch the live Billboard interview, recording the highest number of viewers in Billboard live interview history.

Popular US internet radio station iHeartRadio focused on the main factors of KPOP popularity in the US and BTS selling out all their US concerts. 

BTS expressed their excitement, "I feel that music transcends languages. Fans around the world look into our eyes and send us supportive messages in their own languages, Their words and gestures mean a lot to us and help us improve. We hope fans who come to see us will gain great energy from us.".

Meanwhile, BTS will continue their US concerts until early April in Newark, Chicago, and Anaheim.

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1. BTS who is recognized by the world! Looks like you are shining after all the hardships because you have talent. Let's only walk on the flower road~ +115 -0

2. Naver, let's take as the main article~ +109 -0

3. BTS sold out 2 day shows at Prudential Center where last year's Kcon was held, BTS is amazing.. and Rap Mon's English skill that doesn't require translators during Billboard interview, jjang jjang... +106 -0

4. US Newark Concert rainbow ARMY bomb was so touching +97 -0

5. BTS is now a real super star!!! +91 -0

6. They are the first in Billboard live history. Daebak +38 -0

7. Rap Mon collaborates with Wale in English and they even do English interviews with the US media.. I think this will make many of their fans to think of studying English again~ㅋㅋ and I'm one of them of course~ BTS stimulates my life +34 -0

8. They're recognized by the world ㅠㅠ so cool +34 -0

9. BTS!! so amazing~ article like this should get on the main page!! BTS who makes the world go crazy~♡ +34 -0

10. wow this really really makes me proud and happy...  I think they are beyond the typical and common idols... when you watch even one of their live interviews, you will realize why people keep talking about BTS over and over. Rap Mon really talks well. J Hope, V might not be fluent in English but they keep the interview lively and interesting. Each member leads with their own concept and appeals the viewers...! They are an amazing group that is passionate about music and talented in music. As a fan I'm really proud of themㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +33 -0

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