[Article] 170326 Charlie Puth confesses, "I really like BTS's music"

Pop singer Charlie Puth mentioned boy group BTS.

On the 26th, Charlie Puth tweeted a short tweet on his Twitter, "I really like BTS's music".

BTS is the first Korean singer to enter the "Billboard 200" for 6 times and they are gaining great popularity in the US as well. Recently, BTS member Rap Monster shared his collaboration track with US rapper Wale for free on line.

Charlie Puth is a pop singer who is receiving great love from Korean fans with his song "See You Again", etc. He held his first concert in Korea last August and he also won the "International Rising Star of the Year" at Gaon Chart. 

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Response + 91

1. Jungkook's cover of We Don't Talk Anymore is really good too. I think it would be daebak if they collaborate +87 -0

2. Wow he's the perfect successful fan. I hope they could collaborate +81 -0

3. I think it would be really daebak if they collaborate!! I want to see it and heart it~~ ^^ the stage of the two!! +72 -0

4. Successful fan! +71 -0

5. The boys must be really happy ㅎ +67 -0

6. daebak... Charlie Puth recently responded to Jungkook's We Don't Talk Anymore cover... It looks like he even listened to their songs~ +33 -0

7. BTS is really recognized overseas~~~ I'm proud as Korean~ +31 -0

8. BTS please succeed♡ +29 -0

9. True singers who are recognized around the world~ Being recognized only in Korea is like being stuck in a limited scopeㅋㅋ +29 -0

10. ah daebak I really love Charlie Puth ㅠㅠㅠ I'm so happy to hear he likes BTS. BTS has really grown a lot. Many international artists are mentioning them ㅠㅠ let's grow more and more +26 -0

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