[Article] 170327 Account threatening to hurt BTS Jimin appears... Fans, "sighs"

(T/N: It's basically the translation of the tweets)

Fans of BTS raged when they saw this. On this day, the fans stepped forward to stop the anti by reporting the account. Many fans judged this was only a prank when the gun photos used by the anti fan in their tweets were revealed to be from a foreign site.

Fans expressed, "This might be another typical attention seeker but I hope the company strengthens the security more due to this issue.", "It's terrifying although it looks like a prank".

The account that tweeted about hurting Jimin has been suspended.

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Response +25

1. selja is an EXO L and she's one of the famous BTS anti Twitter account since some time ago. I heard that now she's trying to start a rumor about Jungkook attacking an EXO L. We really have to get her +86 -2

2. I heard this is done by an EXO L and that she'll continue doing this until BTS's popularity drops.. Let's seriously catch her, please +81 -2

3. I'm dying from worrying... This wouldn't be true but Jimin, please come back safely. Love you +73 -0

4. Seriously what's happening to this world? Shouldn't they really track her and investigate? I don't think they should just let go of her +67 -0

5. Even if this is a prank, we need to arrest her. What are we doing? +63 -0

6. Sela that crazy-roach. She's that person who spread crazy rumors like Jungkook taking advantage of fans and V is a pedophile. She's the perfect example of what an intl anti-roach can do +40 -1

7. US ARMYs said they have reported this already and that they were told they'll keep the boys safe. However, I can't stop worrying and I'm uneasy ㅠㅠ but I believe that they will return safely! I think stuff like this will happen now and then since they're popular so ARMYs, let's keep our mental safe. BTS, purple you! +32 -0

8. We shouldn't really let her go if she was joking. We have to track her down to the end and ring the album. She needs to be punished for her action. She's running wild without realizing how scary this world is +31 -0

9. I know that nothing terrible will happen but please be safe and careful! Please come back after ending the show safely! +31 -0

10. sh*t... let's not waste our lives +28 -0

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