[Article] 170329 Gaeko, "I wanted to work together with BTS Rap Monster because I liked his energy"

Dynamic Duo Gaeko and BTS Rap Monster united for "Elephant".

On the 29th, Dynamic Duo's company Amoeba Culture revealed the cover image of Gaeko's new single "Elephant" cover image which will release on April 5th on their official SNS.

Moreover, the new song is receiving a lot of attention from the fans when it was revealed that talented hip hop artist BTS member Rap Monster will be featuring for the song.

Gaeko praised and explained why he decided to work with Rap Monster. He said, "I've always thought Rap Monster has a good voice and I liked his tone. I thought it would be nice to work with him because I liked his energy".

Gaeko has been collaborating with various other artists until now and he's planning to show off his skills as a veteran musician with broad music spectrum by uniting with Rap Monster.

The cover image revealed shows Gaeko wearing a smart check patterned suit with an elephant mask on his face. The photo of Gaeko representing an elephant only with a mask is increasing the viewers.

Meanwhile, Gaeko's new solo single album "Elephant" will release on April 5th at 12PM on various online music sites.

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1. Namjoon is active these days and it's nice to seeㅋㅋI'll be looking forward to "Elephant" +605 -48

2. wow this is the collab of the best trends +580 -69

3. Moni likes Gaeko-nim so he must be happy to collaborate with him. Gaeko-nim, thank you for collaborating with Rap Monie. I'll be looking forward to the song. Fighting! +487 -40

4. Namjoon must be happy ㅎㅎ I hope the collaboration with Gaeko-nim will be successful ㅎ Now I'll be waiting for April +452 -34

5. When did you record during the hectic schedule? ㅜㅜ Gaeko who you trust listening to, BTS who you trust listening to +429 -37

6. Rap Mon's tone is really nice.. +96 -5

7. heol ㅠㅠ I should def check the song +109 -13

8. Gaeko needs no explanation and I listened to Rap Mon too and his mixtape tracks are good. I think he's really talented to the point that it's a shame he's an idol? Anyway, I hope they create an awesome song. There aren't many songs to listen to these days +78 -3

9. I'm really anticipating these two's work ㅠㅠㅠ +80 -4

10. Is BTS really on a break...? We have so many things to watch and now there's a new song too. Omg my fan life is awesome♡ but seriously the boys are busier than I imagined +74 -2

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