[Article] 170330 US celebrities fall in love with BTS

All shows sold out, receives spotlight from the US medias

Group BTS sets a record on Billboard Social 50 for remaining No. 1 for the longest period. The group has topped the chart for 18 weeks. Also, they had the most number of viewers in Billboard live interview history. Pop singers Charlie Puth and child actress Kylie Rogers confessed they were the group's fans and this is no surprise.

After their Chile and Brazil show in March, BTS started their US tour and the group is setting new records, confirming their popularity as the "KPOP trend". The members met their US fans on 23rd and 24th in Newark, 29th in Chicago, April 1st and 2nd in Anaheim.

BTS surpassed Ariana Grande and remained on Billboard Social 50 chart for 18 weeks. This is the longest period recorded since the establishment of the chart. Also, they had the most number of viewers (about 18000 viewers) during the Billboard live interview in New York that broadcasted before their Newark show. 

Fueled by the force, BTS is capturing the global celebrities as well. Pop star Charlie Puth tweeted, "I really like BTS's music" on the 26th. Charlie Puth remained No. 1 on Billboard single chart with "See you again" in 2015 for 12 weeks. Child actress Kylie Rogers who is best known for her role in "Fathers and Daughters" tweeted, "One week til the #BTS concert!!!! ". The actress could not hide her excitement. It was revealed that actor Russell Crowe who plays the role of her father in the movie had bought the ticket for her.

BTS is also realizing their popularity after their interview with various medias like New York Times, FOX, and iHeartradio. It's been evaluated that the scenes created by BTS are signals that show KPOP is not just a nonmainstream culture enjoyed by a few manias but it's now sinking into the public.

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1. Please come back safely after your concerts +47 -0

2. Cool~ Please raise the status of Korea~ +43 -0

3. I pray for our babies to stay healthy and return safely after their shows. Like the 7 colors of the rainbow, BTS is a group united with different charms and they create the most wonderful rainbow. Fighting!! +43 -1

4. As expected♥♥ BTS's overseas popularity is no joke~~♥♥ +42 -3

5. Bangtan Bangtan BangBangTan is the best! Cool! +39 -2

6. Please do well on your show today! +14 -0

7. I think this means a lot and this could be because I'm from the generation where we used to listen to a lot of pop songs in the 80s and 90s. I would search for lyrics translations and listen to the songs so I could relate and I felt really happy when I saw international fans posting translations and music video theories on Youtube. BTS is doing well even now~  +14 -0

8. As expected, our BTS is the best! I saw BTS fans tweeting their event for Chicago concert and it's really touching to see the event they plan for every BTS's overseas concert. I feel happy because it shows how much they love BTS +12 -0

9. They are perfect in every way so it's going to be strange if they don't become a popular star ㅋ I'm looking forward to our BTS members' performance ㅋ I hope you will stay healthy and safe for your remaining showsㅡ♡♡♡ +12 -0

10. As expected from BTS +12 -0

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