[Article] 170331 The final bosses of idols with slender hands? From EXO to BTS!

If we compare the bright stars to humans, they would be the idols. They have the dazzling visual, height, body frame, and physical. The one hidden charm they own are their hands! "seomseomoaksoo" (섬섬옥수) is the word used to express delicate, jade like hands. Who could be the idols with seomseomoaksoo? We compiled a list of idols who make many people fall in love with their hands.

Flower boy BTS V? But his hands are so manly!

V is known to have the biggest hands among BTS members. You can really tell this when he places his hands near his small face. These are indeed "large hands" approved by their fans. His hands are big but he long, slender fingers. His hands are often compared with Jimin who is known to have the smallest hands in the group by their fans, "Large hands vs Baby Hands".

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