[Article] 170331 [Lee Sohee's listening Cafe] Would you like a cup of BTS "Paldogangsan" #ssanghwacha?

T/N: ssanghwacha/Ssanghwa Tea is a traditional medicinal tea made from a variety of herbs. These herbs are boiled for hours with dedication/devotion.

Just like how Gong Yoo has his own smallest cafe in the world like the CF, the singers and fans have their own secret cafe. Although only title tracks are consumed by the users today, there are many incredible masterpieces made with various different ingredients! We will take a closer look at the secretive recipe of the non-title songs you did not know about.

01. BTS's first mini album  ‘O!RUL8,2?’ - ‘팔도강산’  (Paldogangsan)

They wrote "Oh! Are you late, too?" as  ‘O!RUL8,2?. Just like the album title which is hard to read, "O!RUL8 2?" embraces one complicated story. The title asks the listeners "Are you late too?". The title tells the listeners to find the happiness in life before it's too late.

EnterOn Idol Cafe
First mini album  ‘O!RUL8,2?’ - BTS

Beverage name ... BTS's "Paldogangsan"
Recommended to ... listeners who want classic but youthful rapping
Recommended mood .... at a retro cafe with vintage or dabang(coffee shop)-like vibe

Album's 9th track "Paldogangsan" is the upgrade of 2013 version they released during their trainee days in 2011. It overlaps with the message that asks "Are you late?" and it's also a song that brings back memories of BTS's original intention and their old days.

The first version released in 2011 was recorded by Rap Monster, Suga and J Hope but you can listen to the voices of all members in their new version. V who joined the team last said he thought "I should definitely join that team" after listening to BTS's unofficial tracks "Hookgayo" and "Paldogangsan".

"Your <BTS's Paldogansang" is ready"

Variety of herbs good for health

The time taken to boil the tea with devotion

◇ Recipe: Strong ssanghwatang

The song that will open the [Listening Cafe] is BTS's "Paldogangsan". "Paldogangsan" is like ssanghwatang. Ssanghwatang is often ordered by elderly people and it's knowns as a medicinal drink that's good to drink when you have a cold but it's a type of tea. It's made with herbs like peony, Korean angelica root, Cnidium officinal milkvetch which are great for our body and it gives creates a placebo effect making the drinker feel stronger when they drink the herbal tea.

This also applies to the song. J Hope from Gwangju and Suga from Daegu throw their addictive regional satoori rap. When you listen to the members' cheerful and exciting satoori rap, you will obviously feel the addictive classic vibes and jam to the rhythm. The song relieves your exhaustion.

However, BTS's "ssanghwatang"-like song doesn't sound completely antique or too traditional. BTS who has their own unique trendy vibes added the satoori rap and traditional Korean sample on the hip hop beat and this approached us in a trendy way.

Due to the drama series like "Reply", many cafes followed the retro concept. New cafes that looked like old dabang (coffee shop) were set up. "Paldogangsan" is a combination of this generation and the traditional satoori feels like ssanghwatang you would drink in a place that has the vibes of the trend and retro.

Furthermore, the dedication and time used to boil ssanghwatang made me think of the effort BTS made since their trainee days to reach where they are today. "Paldogangsan" helps you to briefly go back in time and taste BTS's freshness and original determination they had right after the debut.

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Response +110

1. I think it's a witty and fun song ㅎㅎ +85 -0

2. Paldogangsan is a nice song +77 -0

3. The song is so attractive. Just like BTS +75 -0

4. This is a great article ^^ I should go listen to Paldogangsan +65 -0

5. oh this is a nice article ^-^ I listened to this song a lot for a while because I enjoyed the song after watching  Rookie King +61 -0

6. There are many Pop songs which talk about specific cities but I always thought it was a shame because there aren't many songs like that in Korea. But BTS filled the spot. I really love Paldogangsan and Ma City +18 -0

7. ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ My parents who will be in their 60s soon love this song ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is an addictive satoori song after Yookgaksoo!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +17 -0

(T/N: Yookgaksoo is an old duo group)

8. I think Paldogangsan will climb the chart again~ +17 -0

9. Journalist, you're an ARMY right? neoneun neo... naneun na...  (you are you, I am me) neoye gongshik (your formula)... Kim Namjoon... Kim Seokjin... Min Yoongi.. +16 -0

10. I really love Paldogangsan and Ma City ㅠ +14 -0

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