[Articles] 170303 BTS was mentioned by "I Can See Your Voice Season 4" Yoo Seyoon and model Angelina Danilova!

[Article] 170303 Angelina Danilova's elegant Maxim photoshoot becomes a topic.

Lately, Angelina Danilova is in love with the boy group BTS. She said, "They not only make good music, they're handsome too.", with a shy smile.

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[Article] 170303 "I Can See Your Voice Season 4" Yoo Seyoon "I'd like to invite BTS".

Yoo Seyoon revealed he wishes to invite BTS to "I Can See Your Voice Season 4".

At the press conference of Mnet "I Can See Your Voice Season 4", the MCs mentioned the celebrities they would like to invite to the show.

Yoon Seyoon said, "It's the group I performed on "Golden Tambourine". I wish BTS would come to our show. The format of "I Can See Your Voice" is widely known by international viewers, it would be nice if BTS could come to our show.". 

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