[Instiz] 170318 Idol group societies created in high schools

Incheon Songcheun High School - 2017 Society Notice

Red Velvet Society

(2!3!) Booyah~ Happiness! Hello~ This is Red Velvet Society~

Reciting Red Velvet Lyrics
Learning Red Velvet choreography
Creating Red Velvet video - will be using it for school festival
Meet Red Velvet - (May Dream Concert, September Incheon Hallyu Tourism Concert)
Field trip to SM TOWN SM Communication Center (scheduled to visit during summer vacation)

Own Red Velvet album OR own at least one or more Red Velvet Artium Goods

Remodeling the college entrance exam lecture cover with Red Velvet
Special benefit when you purchase Red Velvet's new album
When you get chosen for their fansign event we will give you free album + photo card
Sharing free Red Velvet stickers and photo cards
Sharing Red Velvet schedule
Sharing Red Velvet photos and videos (Vice President has 30GB of data)

How to join?
Please talk to Park Jinwoo in Grade 3 Class 4 (the desk with Irene's photo, in front of lecture desk)

Dongtan Central High School TWICE Society - Recruiting 2017 members

We're looking for students who will stay active together in TWICE Society in 2017!

- Student who owns TWICE's album! (it can be any of their album)
- Student who has purchased all songs from TWICEcoaster - LANE 2!
- Student who owns TWICE Candy stick!

- We will provide streaming passes to stream TWICE's songs
- Free files of TWICE's broadcasts (1080p ts file)
- Purchase TWICE goods at a more affordable price by group ordering

Dongtan Central High School BTS Society

Announcement for 2017 members

- Student who owns A.R.M.Y Bomb
- Student who owns a copy of BTS album
- Regular member in BTS's Daum Fancafe

- You will be able to purchase concert tickets more easily as we will be ticketing as a group
- We will provide streaming passes when BTS releases new songs
- Sharing Cloud account that has concert DVD/ broadcast files

We didn't have anything like this when I was in school..

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Response + 2 

1. oh I hope they create one for my group too. I have their albums, light stick, slogan and concert tickets too...

2. is this like a fan society...? They didn't allow us to create societies that didn't relate to studies... but looks like they are allowing the students now...

3. it's surprising to hear that school are allowing this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. but that's going to be a little awkward when we fill our college application form.. we have to mention everything...
ㄴ I heard that universities are more understanding now! Many of them look at fangirling/boying positively because it shows that the student is passionate about a certain area!

5. heok cute...

6. keeeuuu I'm jealous

7. I would have joined a society like that if they had one... (bawls

8. I think it would be fun...!!

9. my friend is from one of these schools and s/he said they just created the poster for fun....

10. my friend's younger sibling's school has the Red Velvet society at their school 

11. wow it would be amazing to have similar societies at college too. Please create a Block B society too...

12. what is this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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