[Melon Magazine] 2017.03.24 Compiling the leaders of Idol groups: Boy Group Episode

For an idol group to keep their group alive for a long time, they need a strong leader. Since the late 1990s to early 2000, it was a tradition for the eldest member to become the leader of their group. However, times have changes and the standard of choosing the group leader has changed too. With the rapid increase in idol market, the individuality of groups have become the survival requirement and this created a new trend.

This was when leader position was given to the member who can be responsible for their own group's music colors to some extent, based on their musical capability. We have a list of leaders who are working hard for their own group starting from BIGBANG's leader G-Dragon who debuted in 2006, today's most popular group BTS's leader Rap Monster, and vocal team leader WOOZI from Seventeen who debuted in 2015 and is ready to jump higher. These leaders are steadily building their own career with music and acting. Also, I hope you won't be too upset that you're not mentioned here. I couldn't mention all of you due to the size of the paper.

Writer - Park Heeah

BTS | Rap Monster

As of today 2017 March, BTS will be the answer if we had to pick the Korean boy group that's receiving the most passionate support around the world. When Bang Sihyuk who is a producer, and the CEO of the company that created BTS talked about Rap Monster on a variety show, he assured he was an idol but emphasized that Rap Monster continues to create high-quality music. And Rap Monster is producing results that live up to his expectations and he continues to grow.

Besides his outstanding rapping skills, he produced outputs which reflect the identity of himself and his group members by diligently working on music. BTS has been collaborating with various Korean and international articles for their album. After his collaboration with Warren G, he presented us with a surprise by working on a song and music video with Wale. This shows that Rap Monster is a person who knows what he's best at, what he want to improve on, and most importantly he knows what they have to focus on right now.

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