[PANN] 170228 Is this true?

Did Hobi said he cried while recording? Where did he say this?

I really bawled when I heard that Hobi cried while they recorded 2!3... I wonder what these boys would have felt when they sang the lyrics they've written... The way BTS members look at the fans at concerts when they hand the mic towards their fans during 2!3! stage is just... it's a fan song.. but why should we feel sad...? The boys would smile at us and go "ah our ARMYs are doing well~" when we sing along to "Miss Right" but they watch us with tearful eyes when we sing along 2!3!. This made me remember them singing Born Singer before and I cried because I was sad too.

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How did you feel when you were recording 2!3!?

I cried ㅠ.ㅠ

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