[PANN] 170302 Kim Tizen

BTS_Rap Monster
And I see some of you trying to tell puns whenever you see me

BTS_Rap Monster
Are you a barista?

BTS_Rap Monster
Is this a cafe?

BTS_Rap Monster
ah this is a cafe...

BTS_Rap Monster
Guys, you are my barista

BTS_Rap Monster

BTS_Rap Monster
Community sites?

BTS_Rap Monster
Not gonna tell youㅋ

BTS_Rap Monster
I visit most places

BTS_Rap Monster
Kim Tizen (Kim + Netizen)

I'm not sure if he still does but I think he did visit here at least once a day... even now if you google the boys PANN pops up a lot so I wonder if he comes to Fantalk.. since one of the controversies started here

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1. I think they would lurk at least once at places where ARMYs are present. Or they'd hear it from people around them 

2. oh... but isn't this considered leaking? 
ㄴno no, early debut data are fine 

3. Taehyung said even he search his name on portal sites whenever he has time 

4. Controversy? Can someone tell me? ㅠㅠ
ㄴ That lyrics plagiarism started on PANN
ㄴ right. so many things happened in May over here

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