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BTS Gallery Production

Never be fooled


Bighit Entertainment/ BTS/ Gaon Chart/ A.R.M.Y/ V.I.P

kyaaaa~ kyaaa

BTS fans were peacefully watching Gaon Chart Awards


gosh that's really annoying, again!

Suddenly, the peaceful atmosphere is broken and BTS fan is filled with anger.

Hyung, why are you angry...?

Did something happen?

No, you see ㅡㅡ....

It was because of BTS's Gaon Chart stage plagiarism controversy

ARMY thought it'd be few comments about how the stages looked alike but things were starting to get ugly

VIP - What? It's identical to our TOP's VCR
VIP - wow (shivers) they plagiarized
VIP - I know~ this is absolutely a plagiarism~

Why are you talking about plagiarism in this...?

This is how it all began...

... BTS fans who were flustered by the situation began to search to understand the incident

BTS                 Big Bang

Big Bang fans were the first to bring up the controversy regarding the similarity of the two stages...

ARMY: (what?) This isn't even their concert so why are you blaming BTS and saying they're responsible for the Awards Ceremony VCR plagiarism issue...

ARMY: And there are so many videos using this effect...
(You can find this by searching no signal tv effect on Youtube...)

VIP: What do you mean? This was created with heart and soul. How could you describe such precious work as an "effect that's used by many"??

VIP: If so, is your BTS a puppet or plagiarizing group that does whatever they're told to do? tsk tsk

VIP: We can't let them do this. Everyone mass trend on Twitter and Naver. Go, go.

This was the result.

The controversy began to spread on Twitter, internet press, etc. This was making BTS plagiarism controversy like a truth...

Big Bang fans began to speculate and criticize BTS..

After a while, BTS's company revealed a short feedback

BigHit's feedback

On the 23rd at 12:20PM, BTS's company stated, "Usually BTS does not prepare the stage effects. This has nothing to do with us.".

They revealed a usual and obvious answer but...

Copy Paste Boy Scouts~
yeah, you plagiarized

VIP - ayyy look at this~ they're a real puppet~
VIP - ㅋㅋ Didn't they come to see Big Bang's concert to plagiarise?
VIP - trend #plagaism boy scouts on Twitter

Copy Paste Boy Scouts~
yeah, you plagiarized

It seemed like this was not going to work

Next day

Gaon's feedback 
(Looking haggard) 

Gaon said BTS wasn't able to watch the VCR during the rehearsal and that it was ridiculous how BTS was involved in this plagiarism controversy...

They did not accept it was plagiarism. They said they wished to apologize to viewers who were upset due to the controversy.

And BTS fans said they should talk to Gaon about the plagiarism but...

#Plagiarism boy scouts explain
#are they copying them naturally
(hashtag which was made by combining BTS's title track title with the poem written during the days when Korea was under Japanese rule)
#You get angry at others for your own mistakes
#aplogize regarding no signal

They had already turned BTS as the subject of plagiarism.

If you asked them,

They didn't even get to watch the VCR so how could they plagiarize...?

They replied

VIP- yeah, explain about plagiarism

then change to

VIP - yeah, explain about being puppets~

To which beat should we adjust ourselves to?

ARMY- Please look at this. BTS didn't watch the video. It's not plagiarism.

Evidence collected from telephone conversation with Gaon

Even when we show them the evidence they still
cover their eyes and ears, damaging BTS's name.

But the truth has been revealed already.

So, will you not give us a feedback regarding (defamation, spreading of rumors, twitter direct mentions, hashtags, etc) your related keyword mass searching?

Will you not apologize to BTS?

Cr. DC Inside BTS Gallery

Original post here
Response +1668 -284

1. Let's end this cleanly without closing your eyes and ears. You guys just wanted to slander BTS from the beginning, right? +393 -9
ㄴsh*t this is really cool. I agree with this comment. +21 -0
ㄴthis is exactly how I felt. Even when they gave feedbacks and it was clear BTS had nothing to do with this, some VIPs still said, "Is this feedback reliable?", "Are they really not responsible? It's their own stage tho?". Their original target was BTS... plus, I don't think they can still call this VCR plagiarism a plagiarism because Gaon announced their feedback but VIPs still disagree. Anyway, I don't get why VIPs are asking BTS without inquiring to the producer of VCR...? ㅋㅋ Did BTS plagiarize? VIPs were beating them. But they still blame ARMYs saying this issue grew bigger because ARMYs didn't respond to it well at the start.. VIPs insist they have done nothing wrong. +40 -0

2. Apologize~ +368 -12

Fans from other fandoms, please help us

Our VIPs are losing because there are too many ARMYs on here although their previous clarification posts made no sense. They always try to appeal "this is really unfair" and ARMYs always go with "I don't know" kind of attitude and this made us wake up. Fans from other fandoms, please try to think about this Big Bang BTS plagiarism controversy once again and show interest. This isn't the first time ARMYs been like this, right? Please help us

Response +654 -231

ㄴ Do you have screenshots of the top comments? those were unbelievable +1 -0
ㄴ I don't have the screenshot but they said something like "we'll help me~~" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ f*cking hilarious ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ seriously f*cked up +13 -1
ㄴthis was the top comments under the post +46 -0
1. We've been in your position so we know how they are. They'll start pretending like victims and in no time VIPs will end looking like the attackers. We will help you +152 -36
2. I think there are many fandoms that previously had plagiarism problems with BTS who will help you +135 -28
3. We've been involved in many bad incidents and I know they'll do it again if we let this go so we will help you until the end +118

ㄴ what did ARMYs do to them? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can prove that I'm from another fandom and this is funny +16 -0
ㄴ help them with what? they're all f*cking brainless +20 -0
ㄴ Look at the upvotes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +14 -0

3. First of all, I can prove I'm from another fandom. BTS was always slandered but they were extremely slandered this time I felt so bad for them. Although I'm not ARMY this post is so refreshing. I hope you will clear the false charges +333 -12
ㄴI'm really grateful that you will prove your fandom but I don't like how others ask OP to prove their fandom when they write something nice about us +11 -0
ㄴ here's my proof! +21 -0
ㄴwow such a betrayer +0 -9
ㄴ you're a real backstabber +0 -6
ㄴbackstabber? you morons ㅋㅋㅋ please live with some thoughts. I can't stand you +2 -0

4. Why should they apologize to BTS? This is a defamation issue. BTS does not have to take responsibility about this so they're a victim and not the attacker. Awards ceremony VCR was created by the award ceremony and the singer clearly has nothing to do with this even if it's plagiarized or not. They have written a post explaining why the singer has nothing to do with this and the issue right now is that they defamed BTS severely. They just jumped on the hate bandwagon. And even if this was considered plagiarism making Big Bang the "victim", BTS doesn't have to take responsible for this controversy. Right now VIPs are the attackers in this defamation issue. We need to separate these two issues because defamation is not related to Gaon's issue. Let's imagine taking these two cases to the trial, who do you think would be charged? BTS or the fans who defamed them? BTS did not create the VCR so they can't be charged so obviously they're not guilty but that fandom will definitely be charged for defamation. This is the fact. +159 -3

5. I'm writing this comment because I fear there might be some of you who'd say you're tired of reading such clarification post. Yes, we understand you. And those who aren't interested in idols will feel more uncomfortable. But we have seen 2~3 pages on Selected Talked flooding with posts regarding this issue which made us shudder and sick. Of course, the commenters slandered the singer and made personal attacks but we still have not received a single apology from that fandom. We really do need that apology so we hope you will understand. If you really feel uncomfortable, I suggest you could trying convincing that fandom to apologize to us. I think we should be asking the attacker for an apology to close the case without telling the victim to understand and stop asking them for an apology. +111 -2

6. I knew ARMYs would lose their temper one day after seeing others slandering BTS until now ㅋㅋ but this is still not enough, you need to spread it more... Moderator keeps taking your posts down so I think spreading this on Facebook might be better... +100 -1

7.  There's this one too. They caused a chaos saying V copied GD's autograph but it turned out V signed like this 2 years earlier than GD +97 -2

8. The reason why we can't stay still. People think this is true just because we're being silent. People read their forced theories but not our clarifications. Is this the first time they're framing BTS? We really won't let anything go anymore. Let's do this until the end. +94 -3

9. Oh sh*t what do BTS Gallery people do? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wish I could tell them to use this as their portfolio ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ such high quality ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +81 -1

10. We will not step back. Not this time. Please apologize. +75 -3

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