[PANN] 170302 This is the man I stan

BTS Rap Monster's Taegukgi look "there are idols who wear the Rising Sun flag" 

BTS Rap Monster wore a stage outfit that looked like Taegukgi and he's highly praised again as "thoughtful idol".

On the 24th broadcast of KBS2 "Music Bank", BTS presented the comeback stage of "Spring Day" and "Not Today".

Since they only promoted for a week, this was their first and last performance. Their "Not Today" stage especially caught our eyes due to Rap Monster's jacket that reminded us of Taegukgi.

I'm proud

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1. Coordi-nim, you're so jjangjjang cool +2 -0

2. God Sunghyun... +1 -0

3. Even I felt really good when I saw his outfitㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ keuuu 

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