[PANN] 170307 Boy idol who was born with his nose shaded/contoured. jpg

He has extraordinary nose ever since he was very, very little... (shivers)
I think he was born with his nose contoured...

How could a baby have such defined and high nose... he had amazing features ever since he was little...
He didn't go under the knife! He's definitely  a natural beauty/handsome

This person is....

It's BTS V!
His nose looks like it's been contoured even in his elementary school days photo.. heol this is amazing

I'm amazed by his visual and I'm attacked by the fact he used to be a secretaryㅠㅠ this cutie was a secretary ㅠㅠ

Secretary Kim Taehyung

I don't know if this was taken before or after his debut but that isn't important. The important fact is that he is handsome

Look at that nose... wow it's like he has a wall on his face. He's not even a Westerner so how could he have such high nose... 

He still has amazing nose bridge b.b I'm 100% sure he's in the Top 5 male celebrities with handsome nose

ha... he's even sexy. A guy like you... I wish I could own you....

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Response +568 -104

1. I don't think he's called "CGV" for nothing. I can't remember what those dolls are called but you know the ones that are made like a human? He looks like that... +124 -4
ㄴwax doll!! I'm jealous of Taehyung's nose ㅜㅜ +6 -0
ㄴ I can prove I'm EXO L but sh*t you guys really named him well... CGV.. sh*t. honestly, I do agree that V is f*cking handsome +18 -1

ㄴ realistic dolls? +6 -0

ㄴyou mean this one?? The creator used Taehyung as the motive for this doll +13 -0

2. Super handsome... really ㅠㅠㅠ his t-zone, eyes, nose, and mouth are f*cking defined and self-assertive +108 -2

3. he's daebak seriously... He's called CGV for a reason ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +108 -1

4. I have my own fandom but I have this gif. This is V, right? +38 -0

5. This is the concert released in Chile and he is so deadly ㅠㅠ +37 -0

6. Even our Captain Jung is has a killer nose bridge  .. ♡ +36 -6

7. woah~ his face is incredible +35 -0

8. In my opinion, I think he has the best face with monolids... He's like a person who was born to be an idol +32 -0

9. Taetae is like a cold handsome guy when he's expressionless but his personality is so different from his face which makes him really charming +31 -0

10. I can't believe that's his natural nose... it's his natural nose!!!! +31 -1

11. His features are really... (shivers) +30 -0

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