[PANN] 170308 I heard that Yoongi did a game advertisement shoot

The advertisement shoot was today at College of Music, Sookmyung Women's University. He shot the piano playing and running scenes

[Promotional Team]  We would like to announce about recording at our school

Hello. This is the Promotional Department.

On March 8th 9AM to 6PM, a mobile game company will be recording their contents at the square in front of our university's 100th Anniversary Memorial Hall and part of music college building (1st-floor lobby and 5th-floor opera workshop).

About 40 staffs, producers, and cast will be present in these locations so it might get crowded and loud.

We hope Sookmyung students who might be using the mentioned building would understand
Thank you.

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Response +46 -1

1. Yoongi at a women's university... ah, this makes my heart flutter +25 -1

2. Only Min Yoongi????!?!?? +24 -0

3. What????? Our Yoongi... he acted...!! a running scene????? (worried) (nervous) (frightened) +22 -0

4. ah omg... I praise myself being able to call him oppa... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ (bawls) (sobs) +6 -0

5. ah the photo makes my heart flutter a lot... oppa-nim... oppa-nim... I will call you oppa... +6 -0

6. wow... Sope leader is successful!!!! +3 -0

7.  piano... piano!!!! Yoongi and piano!!!! +2 -0

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