[PANN] 170308 J Hope's abs.jpg

I thought someone would surely post about Hobi's abs but I DIDN'T SEE ONE!!!!!

Look at Jung Hoseok's buff body
isn't it just daebak...

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Response +127 -2

1. If Jungkook's the Golden Maknae, Hoseokie is the Golden Hyung +12 -0

2. Am I the only one who thinks that their stylist is giving short and tight clothes to Hoseok compared to other members these days? +4 -0

3. I'm looking at this for +50th time I think.. +4 -0

4. this is f*cking heart fluttering.... h...a...... +1 -0

5. Ho.. Hoseok... (covers my mouth with hands)

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