[PANN] 170310 BTS sold a million copies and they became a million seller

Yesterday the monthly chart was released and 700,000 copies are not the number of copies producers sent to the distributors, that is the actual sales figure and 360,000 copies of their new repackage album were sold.
They sold full album + repackage album = 1,490,000 copies in total

(I hope I don't see weird comments in the comments)

Congrats, BTS!

BTS ascends as a million seller

Second album WINGS Extension "You Never Walk Alone" sets "insane record" on the first day of its release

Records 700,000 copies in pre-order alone, achieves all-kill on music charts with title track "Spring Day"

Music video on Youtube hits 10 million views. 3,910,000 viewers watch their "preview show" broadcast. Online music store server crashes

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1. Their albums are selling constantly ㅠㅠ I think the inflow last year is especially amazing ㅋㅋ +223 -23

total album sales of BTS since their debut (according to Gaon Chart) ~2017.02.28 (T/N: The highlighted box shows the total figure)

2. This is the progress of only 15 days so if this continues I think they could sell a million copies of one album. That's really amazing. BTS..c...caepjjang! +198 -24

(Translated article here)

3. I remember those trolls who slapped BTS by cursing "BTS won't be able to sell all 700,000 copies of pre-order" and that only 500,000 copies of WINGS were sold so I'm stating this to prevent more trolls. Congrats on selling 710,000 copies of WINGS Extension, 780,000 copies of WINGS and reaching 1,490,000 copies in total!! +195 -27
Gaon sales volume = shipments volume (producer -> distributor) - stock returned volume = actual number of copies sold
Hanteo sales volume = franchise store sales volume (85%) + estimated figure based on the sales volume of franchise store (15%)

Gaon Chart subtracts the returned stock volume from total shipments volume in order to calculate a more accurate actual sales volume. 
This is why Gaon's figures are more accurate than Hanteo
We could say Hanteo only reflects 70~80% of music stores whereas Gon reflects about 90% of music stores
It's true that most of the times, it's Gaon>Hanteo

So does this mean that it's always Gaon > Hanteo? That's not true

Hanteo counts the sales volume based on Hanteo franchises' actual sales volume + the estimated figure of franchise sales volume.
Estimated figure is the estimated sales volume from music stores that are affiliated with Hanteo

4. Even when you just look around you, you can tell that TWICE and BTS are the two top groups these days +62 -44

5. Gaon chart = shipments (producer -> distributor) - sales!! I pity those who are trying to attack them by saying this is just the shipment figure~~ Do you think there's only shipment figure? ㅋㅋㅋ Every distributor is ordering more copies because BTS's albums are selling out fast and they don't have to return them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ if you dislike BTS, just leave. Don't tremble from jealousy +58 -5

6. Their recent album title is "You never walk alone" and BTS has put on their wings and they even asked us to come with them so let's try to reach the top together +41 -1

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