[PANN] 170312 Fandom who drags other idols' hair by manipulating Billboard records

+) Dyslexic ARMYs, if you keep misreading this post, do you think you can turn this into a hater's post?
I'm not a f*cking bit interested in BTS but thanks anyway for calling me an anti ^^

I'm emphasizing this but I did not criticize BTS anywhere in this post nor did I mention BTS in a bad way. Also, unless you have dyslexia, you will realize that this post reports about ARMY's bad behavior. What am I trying to say about ARMYs with this post?

1. Although BTS debuted at No. 26 on one of the main charts, just because this was one of the main charts, ARMYs didn't state this was one of the main charts but an overall main chart as if these two charts were combined and spread false info that BTS had achieved best result as Korean singers.

2. Although fans from other fandoms tried to "not feed the trolls" whenever someone wrote a post that compared BTS with other groups, ARMYs still boasted about Billboard and pulled other groups into the mess (Big Bang, EXO, etc)

3. Although there are problematic remarks in the attached photo, they left comments like "I'm going to boast about this so what's problem?" and "OP and 700 other users are wh0res, f*cking b*tches, Bang-roaches, EXO-roaches, TWI-roches, brainless b*tches,  dyslexic, blinds. I'm writing this to report about ARMY's such behaviors.

This post can never be called a slandering post. I'm trying to show you how horrible these ARMYs are who pretend to be fans from other fandoms and muggles in the comment section just because I'm exposing a fandom's behavior.

I have no f*cking interest in BTS and my fave is not included in mentioned singers. 

I'm just here to report your bad behaviors and I think BTS is amazing for debuting at No. 26 on Billboard 200 which is one of the main charts in Billboard.

But ARMYs always say BTS is equal to Big Bang and EXO and they have the equal career. They are the ones who leave images that drag these groups into the mess.
Or leave comments like "How dare you?" under idols who don't perform as well as BTS 

You're just fuelling the fire and I'm here to report this so don't you think you're thoughtless to ask me what's wrong with this post?

Billboard main chart has the album and single song chart.

Therefore, Billboard 200 shouldn't be called a main chart because it's an album chart.

I'm going to teach you guys this because I've seen some of you claiming BTS is the first Korean singer to enter Billboard 200 album chart but the first Korean artist to enter Billboard 200 album chart is Boa at No. 127 in 2009. If we have to call the main chart, it's the Billboard Hot 100 (main chart). Psy holds the highest record (No.2) and Psy is the Korean singer who holds the highest ranking in the main chart.

Big Bang, EXO, ChenBaekXi (EXO unit), Seventeen, Red Velvet and many others topped World Album Chart. BTS is not the only Korean artist to enter this chart

Psy, Big Bang, EXO, 2NE1, CL, GD, Taeyang, Black Pink and others also topped World Digital song chart. It's a fact that BTS is not the only Korean singer.

Psy topped Billboard Social 50 chart
T-ARA topped Japan Billboard hot 100

EXO is the first Korean singer to enter Billboard 200 album chart with 3 albums (BTS is the first and they hold the best record by entering the chart with 6 albums but they aren't the first to enter with 3 albums)

other than that, EXO is No. 1 singer to sell most number of copies in the first week
SNSD EXO are the most watched KPOP MV on Billboard

EXO is No. 7 on Billboard World Album Artist category (they are the only Korean singer and they hold the highest-ranking as Korean singers for 2 straight years)

Billboard chose "Sing for you" as the No. 1 KPOP music video

There's more... Boa and Psy are the first Koreans to enter main chart and other idols had entered most of the other charts mentioned above before them. Big Bang and EXO rarely mentions their achievements when they entered charts which had been entered by other singers unless they hold the best overall record. 

I get BTS is amazing but I feel like my throat is stuffed with 100 sweet potatoes when I see ARMYs leaving this below image as if they are the first group to enter these charts. I guess it's the company's fault since they media played using phrases like "the first Korean group" "the highest ranking" but I don't think it's right for them to pretend like they're the first and slander other groups

Billboard 200 (main chart) at No. 26 (first among Korean artist/ second highest in Asia)
Billboard World Album Chart No. 1
Billboard World Digitial Song Chart No. 1
" Social 50 Chart No. 1 (No. 1 for 2 weeks straight)
Billboard Japan Hot 100 No. 18
Billboard Canada Hot 100 No. 68
Entered Billboard 200 with 3 consecutive albums (first Korean artist)
Remained on Billboard 200 for 2 weeks straight (first Korean artist)
No. 1 on Billboard Social Chart for 2 weeks straight
Entered UK Album chart at No. 62 (first Korean artist)

Original post here

Response +938 -529

1. Big Bang and EXO ranked higher than BTS but their companies still didn't media play calling them the Billboard singers and even their fans didn't have the Billboard pride. But ARMYs are pretending they're the first when they've achieved this way later and when they also didn't achieve the highest record.  They pull other singers into their proof under other posts but it looks like the cat got their tongue for this post or they either leave nonsense because they suffer from dyslexia. That was the image you guys kept spreading around until this post came up. Don't try to step back as if you didn't spread this false fact because Psy holds the best record in overall and it's a fact that Boa is the first Korean singer to enter the main album chart which you guys keep calling it as the main chart. I think there are many of you who will continue using that photo but please come back to your senses. Psy, Big Bang and EXO hold higher records than BTS but they don't boast around like you guys. Big Bang didn't even release any articles about this. Even Psy and EXO don't have many articles after Gangnam Style and Growl. The fans and the journalists don't write a lot about them. +528 -286

2. They're too proud about their Billboard achievement. Of course, it's amazing and we should congratulate them but it's not nice to see when you guys overdo it ㅠㅠ +416 -300

3. 200 chart is also the main chart ^^ please filter out the ones trying to act smart when they don't know anything +334 -90
ㄴ now they even bomb facts with downvotes...  +38 -2

4. I heard that everyone who upvoted this post aren't aware that Billboard 200/100 are both main charts because their faves never made it to the Billboard main chart ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^^ +151 -13

5. All that started because you guys slandered BTS, right? Billboard 200 is also album chart and they did achieve the highest ranking (No.26) and it's amazing. They were the first Korean singer to rank at No. 26, it doesn't matter how many copies they sold or not but if you ask us "why are you so proud of them debuting at No. 26?" we'd like to ask you "so why can't your fave enter No. 26th if you think BTS didn't sell enough copies?". Please don't say things like "ARMYs are doing it again" but it's a fact that BTS debuted at No. 26 because they sold enough copies to reach the position and your fav couldn't rank No. 26 because they didn't sell enough copies. Please stop denying that achieving No. 26 is amazing. Stop slandering BTS. You guys are the ones who started slandering them and you still you so that explains why we're trying to tell you about their achievment. We never talked about this from the start. We said "Please tell your faves to achieve higher ranks if you're going to slander BTS" because you guys slandered them endlessly +144 -43

6. Korea is the only place that can't leave BTS alone. Billboard writers write a lot about BTS and tweet about them too, BTS appeared on the news, and I heard that Chile did a live broadcast of BTS's arrival ㅋㅋㅋ they're the first Korean singer to enter the UK chart and they're the 2nd Asian singer. They sold out all of their world tour tickets but those tickets weren't even enough. Famous foreign singers ask BTS to collab with them, follow them first on Twitter and mention them. This is the only place that belittles BTS ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Now you guys will leave replies like "BTS is a foreign singer" but why can't you just accept the fact that we should be proud of BTS working to let the world know about Korea? ㅋㅋㅋ You refuse to believe what you see and try to pretend like it's not a big deal  +114 -15

7. I think Korea is the only country that will treat Billboard like this +95 -5

8.  I just looked at the rankings of Selected Talk by dates and I realized there's at least one slandering post about BTS every day.. ㅋㅋ you need to stop pretending like victims ^^ people don't just say "you're famous when you're slandered on PANN" without a good reason~ +83 -12

9. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Billboard writer writes facts. Do you think your words are facts? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ BTS appeared on 9PM news too and you call that a lie? +80 -6

10. look at these haters posting slandering posts just because of the few nice posts about BTS ㅋㅋㅋ who would manipulate about their achievements? You guys endlessly slandered and asked us "What's BTS?" and that is why we mentioned Billboard and now you're trying to say we're boasting? Then you shouldn't have tried to pick a fight +72 -3

11. The news keep talking about BTS so we don't have to talk about this on our own~ +38 -2

12. why did you even write such a long post? just write I hate BTS~ you don't need to write so many things +33 -1

13. ARMYs wouldn't have talked about Billboard if you didn't slander BTS and tell things like BTS is not popular, they have not achieved anything, etc +31 -0

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