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+) heol this became a Selected Talk post. I would like to attribute this glory to Jimin-nim who speaks very sweetly ㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ♡

I think he speaks in a very sweet way. I knew this before too but I realized again that this guy speaks very sweetly after watching "Hello Counselor"

So while they were talking about the problem, the niece said she's not pretty, she has small eyes and that why she wears glasses and the panel complimented her advantages and her attractive points? and then Jimin-nim was like you have pretty eyes but you're covering your pretty eyes with glasses and his words were really sweet. He didn't just say "I think you'd look prettier without glasses" but he said her glasses were covering her beautiful eyes and this sounded really sweet.. (ah I don't mean to say Jin is rude/bad for saying she had great skin..!)

And my friend is ARMY so some time ago she was watching V APP so I watched it with her and I think it was some coloring video? and the comments told him to use warm colors or something but he took sky blue, green, and yellow out and said although these colors might look cold they are very warm colors and he said these colors come to his mind when he looks at ARMYs and I realized he speaks very sweetly even back then

I'm adding this after reading your comments)

They were playing games and as a penalty, he had to cover his face with whipped cream almost like a face pack and although he could have been upset or annoyed but he smiled so brightly and said my face has changed~ and he looked so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

they also did a dance battle with a foreign dancer? and a member made a mistake and he was kind of discouraged but Jimin comforted him and that was nice to see

Ah and I can prove that I belong in another fandom! Let me know if you need proof! I'll leave it here!

and I've seen the admin taking down posts like mine but I hope they can stop doing this ㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜ

this is a photo I saved from pann 

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Response +534 -45

1. He said this on Show Champ Behind and I think he's so humble and nice ㅠㅠ +123 -6
"My skills still lack a lot to mention that I was a contemporary dance student before...  I can't express how embarrassed I am to the actual contemporary dancers.  Back then, my skill wasn't very good. But my grades from middle school years were added too... I can't really call myself a smart student...  I even can't say that I entered high school only based on my dance skills... So I was a very indefinite top student."

ㄴ I was like he speaks really prettily after watching this ㅋㅋ and you can see his personality from his words +41 -1
ㄴ I watched his contemporary performance he did in high school on Youtube and he danced really well. He's humble +32 -2
ㄴ I want to praise him more although I already know he's talented because he's so humble +30 -1
ㄴwow he's really humble ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +15 -1
ㄴ I think he's really amazing in many ways. I heard that it wasn't easy for male students from dance department to become the top students back then.. +16 -1

2. I think he's this pretty because he's a sweet person +116 -7

3. this baby talks in a very pretty way... he speaks so sweetly, quietly, calmly and warmly... +106 -8

4. on this show Jungkook was the spy and he had to make Jimin tell him "please stop it" as a mission so he annoyed Jimin and Jungkook gave up after his 6th try. Jimin said how could I say such thing to Jungkook ㅠㅠ You will die from cuteness when you watch him talk gently and prettily on his log videos and new year greeting, etc +82 -1

5. this one too +58 -1

(they're complimenting Hoseok)
- Taehyung: He practiced a lot until dawn to the point he loses his thigh strength.

- Taehyung: I've seen those eyes once.
(Translation of Taetae word: I've watched Hoseok working hard with my eyes)

- Jimin: You saw his eyes? That's nice. Those must be beautiful eyes.

hard working eyes = beautiful eyes

6. Wasn't he so lovely when he said my face has changed after doing that whipped cream penalty? +51 -1 (T/N: he meant like his face looking better thanks to the whipped cream face mask)

7. Jimin really speaks in a very comforting and calming way to everyone ♡♡ +43 -1

8. I really like Jimin a lot.. +38 -1

9. I love when Jimin talks to V like he's a little kid... "Our Taehyung is eating very well~" (so friendly and loving) +35 -1

10. His voice just kills me too... +35 -1

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