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Since when did he become famous for majoring in contemporary dance... I don't think he talked about it that often on shows but when I think of idols who used to focus on contemporary dancing, Jimin comes to my mind..

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1. .think it's because he was the top student when he entered Busan Arts High school. He really did create a scene at Busan Arts High School when he entered and it's really difficult to enter contemporary dance department as the top student but Jimin accomplished this so I understand why the school was so stirred +95 -1

2. I think his end of the year performances were effective too +69 -0

3. Because he's a good dancer... +69 -0

4. Because he entered his high school as the top student +27 -0

5. For many years Busan Arts High school didn't have any top students but he became the top student after many years so that was why this became at issue. Also, Park Jimin said his middle school grades and dancing skills were kind of vague but he had f*cking good grades and he had the talent +23 -0

6. Seriously that "top student" title makes him shine brighter +18 -0

7. He didn't talk about it everywhere but he's a great dancer and he entered Busan Arts High school as the top student. It's really hard for male students to become the top student in this field but Jimin entered as the top student so he was famous and the teachers praised him a lot. When he said he was going to become an idol, the teachers tried to stop him. That's what the teacher said ㅋㅋ and BTS started to appear more on TV and he got more opportunities on end of the year stages to perform contemporary dancing. After this, during interviews and tv shows the staffs would investigate more on this and ask him. Videos of his contemporary dance performances were shown on the show and I think these are the reasons why he became more well known (in contemporary dance). But Jimin's quite shy to talk about this and he's humble so when the Hello Counselor MCs asked him what was his special talent, most people would have said "dance" but he was like "my talent... I'm not sure..." but people around him said "dance! dance!" so he showed his performance. Even during the show champion behind interview, the PD asked him about entering Busan Arts High School as the top student and he humbly answered that he doesn't believe he was an outstanding student because the school considered his grades too and not just his dance ㅋㅋㅋ +15 -0

8. I think it's because he entered Busan Arts High School as the top student and when the teachers knew he was going to audition for Bighit, they tried everything to stop him. I think it was because he was a very talented student. And his moves are really graceful +9 -0

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