[PANN] 170318 When you search for "midnight gifs" on Naver, Jungkook...

"BTS Jungkook" appears as autocomplete when you search "midnight gifs"

It's been only like a year since Jeon Jungkook (21) became legal
But he still gives off that sexy vibe even when he stays still

"midnight gifs"

ㄴ Jungkook midnight gifs
ㄴ Bangtan midnight gifs
ㄴ Jeon Jungkook midnight gifs
ㄴ BTS midnight gifs
ㄴ midnight gifs

I personally don't think he's making any exaggerated gestures with intention
But it's the passionate gaze when he's on stage

and his handsome face works hard too

he's also a  natural athlete so he has a great body too

I think these factors are the reasons why he appears as autocomplete for midnight gifs

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Response +368 -51

1. I feel like he's gradually turning into a man from a boy +71 -0

2. grown up baby ㅠㅜㅜ +70 -0

3. Jungkook is now an oppa +63 -0

4. but he will be a baby forever in my eyes +18 -0

5. Jeon Jungkook is the maknae of BTS?????!?!?!? He's an oppa no matter how many times I look at him.... +16 -0

6. He's a cute maknae who is loved by his hyungs when they're not on stage♡ +15 -0

7. he used to be like this ㅠㅠ +15 -0

8. ? but he's a baby who loves cookies +14 -1

9. I'm from another fandom but I saved this as if I was under a spell... +14 -0

10. nooooo I still think he's a baby~~~ +12 -0

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