[PANN] 170319 BTS's immature Mexican fans

Kcon was held in Mexico and before nct's last stage, the lights went off and it was quiet but the fans kept screaming "bts! bts!"

I'd be feeling really horrible if I was nct and would have wanted to screw up the stage ㅠ

https://youtu.be/3FTYJzaTFCc  from 4:40

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1. Hello. This is BTS fantalk board. We apologize for defending Mexican ARMY's behavior without a proper understanding at the beginning. This is the apology tweet posted about kcon Mexico ARMYs https://mobile.twitter.com/BTSMexicoAL/status/842998551823224833. We apologize again to NCT fans who would have been hurt by this incident. I edited this comment instead because we hope more people would read this. +215 -27

2. What they did was wrong but I don't think you should try to generalize and curse at them +130 -15

3. I don't see many defensive ARMYs and I don't think the NCT fans are very upset about this so is this post written by a troll? Why are you trying to create an issue? +53 -3

4. What they did was wrong but how could you call all international fans immature.... don't you think that's harsh? +41 -5

5. this post has many downvotes because the original post was horrible. that was why the ARMYs sounded more aggressive in the comments. And trolls, stop overreactingㅋㅋ I can see you +25 -0

(t/n: highlighted parts were changed)

Are all BTS international fans immature?

..if I was nct and would have wanted to screw up the stage ㅠ
this proves that BTS fans around the world are immature

6. I'm NCT fan and I feel confused... did the NCT fans really leave these horrible comments... I'm so confused... +24 -2

7. This is the scene of troll's biggest failure ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +17 -1
ㄴ not really... OP did succeed at first but now the fans are calmer... 

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