[PANN] 170319 I was a bit shocked and reflected on myself because of Taehyung...

The guide version composed by Taehyung that he shared with us today was seriously so good. The staffs didn't compliment him for nothing

But that made me realize that Taehyung was very busy last year. He even had to say goodbye to his grandmother who was like his parents... Taehyung never shows it to us but it's not even been 6 months since all the hard moments, right? ㅠㅠ

But he still learned to compose and write lyrics whenever he was free and he even wrote those melodies and participated in making their album. Honestly, I was surprised when I learned Taehyung continuously participates in composing besides Namjoon and Yoongi. But I realized this is a prejudice I had towards Taehyung without my knowledge and this made me feel terrible ㅜ He's usually known as the visual member and I've supported many groups before BTS and it's not easy to find the visual members to continuously focus on music like him... he's not a person who only relies on his visual but he keeps learning and improving. This made me look back at myself and I realized I've been lazy and weak in my life...

I'm really happy to see Taehyung's greed about music and he's amazing for putting this in practice and producing great results. Seriously I think he can release a song using that guide track. I hope Taehyung will continue to compose. He's such a pretty person ㅜ

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1. And although Taetae has worked hard for every song he composed, his songs weren't included in their albums but he still continues to work hard and this is really nice to see. As he said before, they had said no when he composed 10 songs ㅜㅜ he's doing so so well now so I hope he won't give up. I'm sure the day when people finally realize Taehyung's effort will come although it might not be their next album +39 -0

2. Taehyung wrote a few posts on their official cafe.. that he's worried about what he has to do to become a good singer and then a few other posts about his worry on composing and lyric writing. He said he took some of his work to Namjoon and he had complimented him which made him happy ㅠㅠ He's the person who said he's able to act thanks to the fans +38 -0

3. I think Taehyung will achieve something amazing when he continues to study composing and then officially start composing... I only listen to pop songs and the guide track sounded really like a pop song +38 -0

4. I'm proud of him because he's an idol has the determination to do music +14 -0

5. Among previous comments, I was baffled when I read this comment that said Taehyung doesn't work hard and that he's just lazy... I don't know if that person was trying to indirectly compliment Taehyung and meant to say he's a genius who can do all that without even making an effort but I know that Taehyung is a person who works harder than us to live his life +10 -0

6. I think people underrate Taehyung because of his exceptionally good looking face. Singing, dancing and in many other ways +10 -0

7. Taetae version is insane ㅠㅠ I love it so much ㅠㅠㅠ I think Taehyung's songs would be no joke when he starts learning officially +9 -0

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