[PANN] 170319 What is this about BTS Jungkook again??!!!

Sorry for making the title sound aggressive;; I'm just trying to tell you guys that Jungkook hasn't changed
((I'll be highly praising Jungkook and BTS so please click out if you don't want to read))

My singer is working hard even now and the rumors aren't true so I have nothing to worry about 
And I'm free today so I decided to write a post ^^

He debuted at 17 with the title "Golden Maknae" along with his hyungs who have always been a great model to him.
He got the nickname N.O Kook because his impact during the debut stage was strong

He impressed us with his strong visual even during War of Hormone era but there's something that shines brighter than Jungkook's visual

☆ It's his hard-working attitude and his unchanging personality☆
He likes to learn so he always learns something new and he achieves it

He joined Bighit Entertainment where trainee Rap Mon hyung who he respected belonged to after his attempt on Super Star K

BTS with amazing talent and personality made their debut...
Jungkook who debuted as a singer did not stop learning something new even after achieving his dream

He practiced for King of Mask Singer

Jungkook who had previously told us that he was interested in video production created a birthday message video (despite their busy schedule) for Suga hyung who he respects a lot... the gif is only a part of the video

He continuously shares his cover videos and he was complimented by the original singer 


Jungkook's cover of "We Don't Talk Anymore"

Also, I have to mention his personality
Jungkook received attention for being the fast runner at ISAC relay event
He also received attention when people saw him collecting trash after ISAC 

Fans are already aware of Jungkook and BTS members' personalities
Fans were never disappointed by BTS's personality...

His love for his fans has to be mentioned too
BTS is a group who really loves their fans
He always showers his fans with love after learning from his model hyungs

What would you like to receive for Christmas, Jungkook?
ARMY's love~♥


Hello. This is Jungkook.
I was always nervous during fan meetings and fan sign events where we get to meet ARMYs so I didn't get to speak a lot and I always regret when I look back. So I have a wish that is "I hope I can speak a little better...".
But this doesn't mean that I'm good at writing letters or posts. As you can tell.. ㅎㅎ
So even if my letter sounds boring, I would be grateful if you could read this letter until the very end with your warm/understanding heart. 

A month has passed already and it's the second month now but I think these 2 months feel like a week to me.
Time really flies when you have fun and a great time, right?
I think time passed fast because I really enjoyed being on stage and meeting our ARMYs. haha

hm.. I was able to learn many things through this promotion. It was the time I got to think a lot about music and myself. Through broadcasts, radios, photos, and interviews too.. And lastly, I thought about the things I could do to make ARMYs happy... 
oh... and I worry about many things when I sing on stage...
I wish I could show you a cooler performance but I still lack a lot..
I hope I can show you cooler performance than now to ARMYs after practicing harder.

So my current goal is to improve my vocal range, sing better on live stages and show a better performance to our ARMYs.
I will work hard day and night so you could feel, "ah, Jungkook has really worked hard" during our next album promotion.

The last stage of <2 Cool 4 Skool> makes me very disappointed and sad as much as I had enjoyed our previous stages.

However, please do not worry. We, BTS are working hard on our next album.
We're making good songs for our ARMYs so please wait for us.
I think I might be crying at our dorm if we didn't have fan meeting.

I will become BTS who will not lose his original intentions and continue to work hard.

I love you, ARMYs♥

Lastly, Jungkook is young but when he's on stage his passion can't be compared to any other singer
Jungkook doesn't neglect and tries his best in rap, singing, dance, playing musical instruments, composing, writing lyrics, etc. Jungkook who makes effort every moment will continue to improve and develop

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Response +414 -29

1. This kid is really nice I don't get why haters are being mean to him +96 -1

2. You really can't slander BTS for their personality +86 -3

3. I think I read on Twitter? Anyway, I saw it somewhere online. When fans always look forward to seeing "1" of something, Jungkook is a person who will present them with "10" different things and tell their fans to look forward to another "100" different things ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Kook, I love you +83 -1

4. You really can't slander BTS with their personality ㅠㅠ every member is a gem and this group has 7 of them... I'm not saying this because I'm their fan, as a person to another person, BTS is a group who you can learn many things from ㅠㅠ I love you BTS, I purple you. I will attach my favorite group photo from Jungkook's graduation day! +37 -1

5. N.O Kook... I think this is legendary... it's like watching the ultimate baby-baby days of Jeon Jungkook.... ahㅜㅜ I joined the fandom right after their N.O era.. I should have joined a little earlier... +27 -0

6. He has the biggest body but he's still the baby in the group ㅋㅋㅋ +23 -0

7. Golden Maknae Kook +22 -0

8. No matter how much these people try to slander Jungkook, the fact that he's a good kid will stay unchanged. He's the person who cried because seeing his hyungs having a tough time makes him suffer the most and cried in front of fans as he thanked them for making them possible to perform at such large concert hall. He's the person who bends down to tie his hyung's shoelace, he was the only person who helped to pick the trash at last chuseok ISAC, and the violinist who performed with them said Jungkook is really like a child and that he's a very nice person.  And recently an intern who worked with BTS for their Spring Day music video said Jungkook is a very nice person. Even his hyungs say that although he's very playful, he's a great kid and that he's a cute person. He's good at many things but he doesn't show off and during the hidden camera, when they were scolded for something that wasn't their fault, he apologized and asked them what he could do to become better. We don't call BTS as "Jungkook and the 6 Jungkook moms" for no good reason. Jungkook is loved and doted by people around him because he's a great person so I don't understand why so many haters are attacking him these days ㅠㅠ +20 -0

9. He came to Seoul when he was 15 and debuted when he was 17. He's been in the industry until now but he doesn't suffer from the celebrity disease or doesn't look down at others. He knows to understand people around him and he knows what's right. He works hard for his music (composing, writing lyrics, vocal, etc) too... +18 -0

10. Jungkook, I'm so proud and amazed by you when I see you working hard in everything and trying your best to learn ㅠㅠ please continue to stay healthy, physically and emotionally. And just like how you've presented ARMYs with the most beautiful moment in life, ARMYs will present you with the most beautiful moment in life.♡  I hope you will enjoy the most beautiful moment in life ㅎㅎ I will support you always!! +18 -0

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