[PANN] 170322 This lyrics by Rap Mon is so shockingly refreshing

You guys know about the mixtape Rap Mon collaborated with Wale, right?

It's an English song so I was searching for the translation and..
There's this verse that really shocked me

Kill people with fingers on twitter
this part gives me goosebumps

Twitter is the only SNS they use 
It's so refreshing to see him directly mentioning the people who push a person into an abyss with their words typed on Twitter... These haters don't know the limits when they send them direction mentions, they even trended hashtag telling BTS to look at the mirror. I hope those crazy people come back to their senses after reading the lyrics!

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11. My heart ached when I read that comments on Twitter hurt more than being shot by a gun... I think it would have been hard for him to overcome and write lyrics like "I'm sorry for not looking like an idol, sorry for broadcasting, I'm sorry bae" like the lines in Cypher +108 -5
ㄴhonestly we shouldn't pay attention to Twitter, don't you think? There are too many insane people over there ㅋㅋㅋ if I were a celebrity, I would never own a Twitter account +2 -0
ㄴ Twitter is where BTS interacts the most with their fans and it's not like the members run their own account, they just use one account as BTS so the members can interact with fans. This is why haters attack them a lot with direction mentions and hashtags... +12 -0

2. They feel it's unfair and painful when just a few fans go on their oppa's Instagram to leave negative comments so they generalize the entire fandom and decide to attack them. Since BTS is very active on Twitter, they use this platform to attack BTS by trending hashtags, sending mentions, and replying to the members' tweets. You are the disgusting people. You know that these methods will hurt the singer and their fans so you use this as your weapon and doesn't hesitate to trend the hashtag. The haters use the hashtag we use to celebrate to curse at our singer with their own fave as their profile photo. Do you really want to do that? It looks like they aren't aware of celebrities owning unofficial Twitter account besides their official account. And I guess they think they're just ruining BTS's image with the negativity but in fact they're also ruining their own fave's image and they aren't aware of their own fandom image going down to the people in the entertainment industry. Also, there are too many people who just want to bring BTS down. Some stop accusing when we clarify and explain but we also very often see people still trying to make controversies just because they are BTS. It's funny when some call BTS a trash and understand and apologize even when another celebrity does the same thing like BTS and they also complain why people are slandering for such petty things ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ These haters listen to every mixtape and videos released by BTS even before fans watch or listen so they can analyse and slander BTS for every little detail ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When you look at such situations, BTS members are humans too so they will be hurt but I'm sure BTS knows that people are slandering them because they are BTS. BTS will continue to build their career without minding the haters and it looks like they will work even harder to run forward as more people are trying to pull them down. When you listen to their fan songs or read their letters, you realize that they care about their fans before themselves when they are the ones who have to deal with the hate. They comfort the fans, thank them and express how much they love their fans. They tell their fans that they are able to stay strong because of the fans and they will continue to work hard. They are the people who asked their fans to stay beside them and give them love because they will work harder. I'm not sure how they used to feel at the beginning but now the people who work in the entertainment industry feels bad for BTS and go "these fans are doing this again" when people start accusing. No matter how much you slander BTS, they will continue to climb higher and that's the only thing left for them. +106 -3

3. That line translates to "people who slander me on Twitter, please try saying those things to my face" +101 -1

4. I'm sure some of you are guilty? No matter how much you guys try, BTS will climb higher +23 -1

5. I'm sure the early BTS fans would know this ㅋ BTS used to be dissed a lot during their growing period ㅋㅋ "you're not hip hop", "do you really think you are a guy when you wear makeup?", and the days when people called them gay. And when they began to become a little more popular, these people started to slander them asking if that's the face of idols ㅋㅋ people accusing them of things that aren't even true and trending hashtags on Twitter ㅋㅋ BTS rebutted with cypher series and mixtape. BTS's keywords are youth and growth. They talk about their own stories with their songs which perfectly fit "HYYH". Honestly, although BTS is famous now I personally think Dark & Wild is a masterpiece... My favorite songs are Second grade, Whalien 52, never mind, DOPE, baepsae ㅋㅋ When I look at BTS's growth and listen to their songs, I think this is the power of storytelling that really works in the current contents market. I think I should write a report about BTS. They are a group I really support and also my subject of study ㅋㅋ +20 -0

6. The reality is this. I don't know you but you know my name +14 -0

7. BTS, please do better +13 -1

8. This is the refreshing feeling like throwing a punch on B-Free's face +10 -0

9. this might be off topic but I think Rap Mon-nim speaks very good English +9 -0

10. I hope they don't trend hashtags again... Please keep in mind that you're just ruining your own fave's image +5 -0

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