[PANN] 170324 Hey, honestly BTS songs are...

Don't you think they're good? I can prove I'm from another fandom and I listened to Spring Day for the first time today during lunch and I really got goosebumps. I really liked Butterfly and Adult Child too ㅠㅠ please suggest me other songs to listen to

+) you guys kept asking me to prove so here it is. FYI, the album with the post-it was the album that was released on March 21st

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1. save me(MVㅇ) / whalien 52 / born singer / never mind / tomorrow / Intro : HYYH / young forever(MV ㅇ) / 2!3! / lost / Dead leaves / let me know / rain / Butterfly / converse high / miss right / house of cards / coffee / Just one day(MV ㅇ) / wings - solo tracks of each member! I hope you will post questions in our fantalk board instead next time. Thanks for listening to their songs♡ +73 -4

2. I can also prove I'm from another fandom and BTS should never be slandered for their musicality. The songs they create are high quality and they are no joke. I think their music is created by understanding themselves +71 -11

3. This post isn't about the OP joining the fandom and it's not a post about one specific member. OP just said s/he likes BTS's songs and isn't that why the admins created Entertalk? As a person who enjoys listening to BTS's songs, I don't think the fans should feel uncomfortable when non-ARMYs post similar posts +20 -1

4. I'm a 26 year old ahjae and I really like 2!3!. It's so nice when you listen to it in the car. However, I don't know the members and I don't even know how many members they have.. +17 -0
ㄴthey have 7 members! there are many fanboys too~ people become their fans after watching their choreography videos ㅋㅋ +1 -0
ㄴ 26 is young ㅋㅋ how could you call yourself ahjae ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and the eldest hyung of the group is 92er too ㅋㅋ +3 -0

5. I'm sure there are people who will say this is a fan recruiting post so Eppis, please refrain from commenting here... +8 -0

6. I'm not a fan but I'm a person who enjoys listening to BTS's songs a lot +8 -1

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