[PANN] 170326 Is this really Kim Taehyung?

I'm from another fandom and is this real? this isn't photoshopped? the gap difference is amazing. I saw this photo for the first time on PANN and I was like HEOK! Is this photoshopped?

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Response +331 -58

1. Yes... this is...is real +60 -4
ㄴthe change in his expression is daebak... +4 -0
ㄴ this gif is just so so amazing!! +1 -0
ㄴbaby puppy turned into an idol. DOPE +2 -0

2. this is from their choreography. the concert video  https://youtu.be/GI09Cy0QebY and V's fancam video  https://youtu.be/Lmo548znX80 +60 -5 

3. He takes off his glasses by shaking his head. That is not an edit +52 -4

4. I'm not even lying. I'm someone who is interested in dancing and I learn kpop dances as a hobby. I often watch idol fancams on Youtube to observe their moves and I joined the fandom... I was watching the recommended videos and never mind about him being a good dancer... just like how it's important for a singer to express their emotions in their singing, dancers shouldn't just dance like stones... You need to be good in beats, and flexible but you also need to have expressions because you might look like you're doing awkward workouts. It's important to make natural expressions and gestures that fit the song and I like V because he's good at this +24 -0

5. I think being charming on stage is one of the requirements of an idol because they don't just release songs. They dance and promote their songs on stage. Taehyung caught my eyes because of his stage charms, natural gestures and the expressions he makes which fits their songs when they perform on stage. +20 -0

6. This is edited and Taehyung is known for his charms on stage +17 -0

7. Their stage in Yeongdong-daero was super sexy... +16 -0

8. This is his cute refreshing charm when he was a baby +14 -1

9. Taehyung I love you. I hope you will work hard and successfully excel in every field you take in the future +14 -1 

10. He's usually cute and nice like a puppy ^ㅁ^ ->  when the song start on stage his expression change and his stage charms are no joke. Taehyung is different when he's on stage and when he's not +13 -0

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