[PANN] 170327 In the end that thing about BTS Jimin turned into an article

In the end, this became an article... It looks like that anti is just trying to scare everyone but I don't think I could stand on the stage to do anything if someone does that to me (shivers) How could you threaten someone's life even if you hate them so much?

[Issue S] BTS Jimin receives death threats, BigHit Entertainment, "We have asked for the US police cooperation and strengthen the security"

BTS's company BigHit Entertainment emphasized on the 27th, "We assume this is a joke by an anti fan but we are prepared for situations we might face. We will work to strengthen the security by working with the event organizer and local police.".

(The rest of the article includes the translation of the tweets)

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Response +458 -41

1. But even if you assume that's only a joke, this is a serious issue. How could you joke about someone's life even if you hate BTS? I think she has no human quality. Imagine how terrified the person directly involved in this threat. There's an anti fans who is threatening to shoot you when you're on stage. I think they should sue that anti and arrest her for good. +304 -5

2. I heard that's an EXO fan... +272 -271
ㄴ yeah next rumor please +0 -17
ㄴ she is an EXO L. She said she is an EXO fan +33 -1
ㄴ She is an EXO L but shouldn't she be known as BTS anti? +2 -25
ㄴbut she's still an EXO L ㅋㅋ Are you saying she's not an EXO L because she's a BTS anti? She said she is an EXO fan +45 -1
ㄴ At this rate the singer would dislike her too... this isn't like the first time +31 -5
ㄴShe is an EXOL but let's not generalize that all EXOLs are like her. It doesn't matter who she supports. She's the weird one +27 -5
ㄴShe is an immature EXO L. If you're on Twitter, try searching for Selja. Read the tweets you find because Selja is the one that's trying to kill him and she said if she fails to, she will spread a rumor about BTS hitting a Brazillian fan. She said she had planned it with her Brazillian friend but anyway, Selja is an immature EXO L and it looks like she doesn't reply when other fandoms send DMs but only reply to EXO Ls? Anyways, yea...
In conclusion, this is not a rumor. Selja is an immature international EXO L who is trying to kill him +16 -0

3. She looks like an EXO L. They should compile all the evidence and report her to the US police +226 -362

4. Let's reverse this situation and say an international BTS fan threatened to kill EXO ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don't think BTS could have arrived in Korea ㅎㅎ EXO Ls are really wicked... This isn't something that antis do. You know how deadly plagiarism and sajaegi accusations are to singers. Has that fan ever considered how terrifying that death threat is to the singer and their fans when they're on an overseas tour? I think you behaviors are too similar in nature to complain "don't generalize us". ㅎㅎ Both Korean and International fans are amazing at creating death photos, cursing them to die... spreading rumors and mocking them on Twitter hashtagㅋㅋ I'm going to stop here because I don't want to be someone like you and create a bad image for BTS but I will pray that you will receive all this back one day ^^ +118 -11

5. But she is an EXO L? +90 -0

(T/N: Translation about the rumor she plans to spread about Jungkook hitting a Brazilian fan)

6. Imagine the fuss and drama they would have created if this was about EXO... I'm sure they would have flipped out and screamed "Give us feedback", "apologize" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ We're just keeping things this way because it's us. Our first priority is to protect our singer and we don't want to see worse articles.... How could your international fans be that bad? Seriously the biggest flaw and vulnerable points of BTS are promoting in the same year with EXO. No, let me rephrase that. The problem is the nasty fans who support EXO... Everything would have been smooth without you but seriously now you guys are threatening to even kill them and creating this mess. I'm saying this because I can't suppress this anger anymore... Just please disappear... Will EXO do so much better and be the only top artist if BTS is gone? Is anything going to happen? We can just go on our own path so why do you even waste your life creating death threats? That b*tch is an unpredictable kind of human... +82 -8

7. In Korea, we jokingly tell each other "I'll kill you" between friends but "I'll kill you" in the US means something that's really different from our joke... +75 -1

8.<< characteristics of EXO fans arguing it's just "a few EXO fans">>>> 1. "do not feed the troll" when things are unfavorable to them + argue this is a fan who is cosplaying (ex: What's the point of him/her being an EXO fan? How do you know if they are EXO L? Just because they said so?) 2. if this was a reversed situation, BTS and their fans would have been slandered and beaten down to powder and they would have been busy creating hashtags. (ex: what's important about that fan trying to act like an ARMY? She/he said s/he is an ARMY so ARMY should provide an official feedback and explain the truth). 3. they are no different from "Male celebrity DC Gallery" users who they hate the most +66 -8

9. During the first and second time, I thought "okay... it must be another immature fan... it doesn't really matter which fandom they belong too... immatures are everywhere..." but gradually... it kept repeating and I thought, "what? it's them again? I guess it's someone trying to pretend like they belong to the fandom but it's that fandom again.". I try to ignore because you are people who trend hashtags and never apologize but again? And the damage is too great to say this is a work of an immature fan. There's only a victim without an attacker because of their "fan cosplaying, immature fan" logic. I know that not all EXO Ls are responsible but I believe it's just a very few of them... honestly, don't you really feel sick of EXO Ls? Or will you only understand if you had experienced them... +65 -9

10. Even when we try to hush hush because we don't want this to become an article and we don't want our singer to know about this... what will you do if this is not a joke? This isn't a great news but I think this should become an issue so the company or fans are prepared for any danger +37 -0

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