[PANN] 170327 Taehyung is a hard worker

I thought Taehyung was born with stage charms. But I saw him practicing his facial expressions on their Bangtan Bomb and I realized that he is gifted + works hard for his expressions (stage charms)ㅠ

Practicing Tae


And I feel like Taehyung's effort is covered because of our Taetae's very bright personality?
Anyway, our Taehyung is so cool and BTS is cool too
World is such a good place to live

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Response +99 -1

1. You can really see Taehyung practicing his expressions a lot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he's a hard worker. He's so lovable +25 -0

2. I thought he was just the visual member when I used to be a muggle but after joining the fandom, I reflected on my thoughts.. +18 -0

3. I like our baby more because he works hard. Lovely Taetae +18 -0

4. Honestly, when people praised other members saying they had worked hard with passion to reach where they are today, I thought Taehyung easily got his place because only his face received spotlight. Taehyung created the shining V with his handsome face, gifted talent and efforts. I'm seeing him under a new light +9 -0 

5. I think we don't realize how much our boys work hard and the hardships they go through behind the cameras because they always smile in front of us.... All of them would be working so hard... +8 -0

6. I love you our babies +8 -0

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