[PANN] 170328 I'm curious what Hoseok smells like

Jin X J Hope
Jin said there are times when he sleeps in J Hope's bed. J Hope who likes to keep everything organized keeps his bed made all the time so according to other members, his bed smells nice. It looks like J Hope doesn't get mad when Jin sleeps in his bed. Jin and J Hope are bed sharers? 

+Even Namjoon said on V App that he was broadcasting in Hobi's room because he liked the smell 

I wonder if Hoseok smells nice or if his room smells nice... (serious)
But what could he smell like for everyone to say he smells nice...\(*'♡'*)/

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Response +116 -2

1. Hoseok scent... I think the boys will all smell nice +5 -0

2.  I wonder what that refreshing, citrus, sunshine-like face would smell like. Seriously my life goal is to smell him +5 -0

3. Hey, if there's any Eppi who can go to their next fansign event, please ask them about their perfume...! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +1 -0

4.  Jung Hoseok... a man like you.... perfection..... +1 -0

5.  I think he'd smell like fabric softener and skin... I wish I could smell him (sniff 

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