[Announcement] I will help you purchase streaming passes, albums, dvds, etc!

Hello! This is Peachisoda (Ellie)!
Some of you may know already because I've tweeted about this before but I've moved back to Korea (which kind of explains why I've not been updating as often as before ;_; I'm still adjusting to the time zone, etc haha orz)

So! Since I'm now in Korea, I think I can help you guys with purchasing streaming passes (Melon, etc), albums, dvds, goods, etc (you name it!). Once you contact me, I will search to make sure if I can help you and then we could discuss it in detail!

I will accept payments via Paypal (but let's try to see if other methods are available if Paypal isn't available for you).

You can contact me in the comments, Twitter (@peachisoda) or by email! peachisodaworld@gmail.com


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