[Article] 160412 BTS X Bang Sihyuk's interview with US Billboard... "Strong Impression"

(T/N: The article is the translation of Billboard's interview)

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Response +798

1. seriously they are popular in the overseas. Amazing~+798 -34

2. I just respect them! They're successful in the US market with Korean songs and not English songs +740 -31

3. Our Tans are amazing♡ +678 -46

4. I'm proud of them ^^ +595 -31

5. We will work to make you the first! the best!~~♡ let's stay healthy always~~ ㅠㅠ +538 -33

6. wow the world is interested in BTS a lot... this amazes me always +171 -5

7. I mean seriously this is amazing for real. I'm not a fan of BTS but they're dope +168 -9

8. they're so cool.... I'm proud of them as their fan♥ +171 -11

9. they sound so humble in the interview too... BTS fighting!! +153 -6

10. they really are an amazing group. I approve +152 -7

11. I'm proud of BTSㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ let's rise higher. fighting +144 -4

12. Billboard said, "With five arena shows, this tour is so huge and I think the main reason for that and why you guys are doing so well in America is because you sing about personal topics." - Indeed, Billboard realized this ㅠㅠ they write the lyrics based on their own stories and add melodies to the lines, then expressing them into songs. This is why I like BTS's music and their songs comfort me a lot +137 -3

13. I was so proud and I thought you were so cool for filling the large arenas with fans in the US! +140 -5

14. I'm so proud of you for achieving such achievement in the US. Continue to fighting!! +127 -5

15. Results-wise, BTS has the best achievement +132 -8

16. BTS pride. They're so cool and make me proud. BTS, let's see each other for a long time +120 -4

17. wow BTS is really amazing. I hope you'll continue to be more successful +120 -5

18. They're really flying around the world~ so proud +115 -4

19. I'm grateful that you guys feel happy to walk together with us. I hope we will continue to have more happy memories. Congrats :) +123 -7

20. really cool ㅠㅁㅜ I really love you a lot. I think I was able to smile today thanks to oppas. Thank you. Let's fly higher. I love you. Every day is amazing. Purple you♡ +102 -4

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