[Article] 170322 Stars with refreshing smiles... "Kim Goeun, EXO Xiumin, BTS Jimin"

There's a modifier that's followed all the time during Spring. That's "refreshing".

There are stars who spread refreshing energy with their smile.

They are actress Kim Goeun, EXO Xiumin, and BTS Jimin.

"Jimin, aren't you the mochi of the spring day? Our hearts drop by his mochi smile, BTS Jimin"

BTS Jimin who is known as the muggle sniper has a cute nickname called "manggaetteok". You can smell the fragrance of glutinous rice powder in his smile and the curling corn of his lips make the fans pass out. Jimin's manly charms are increasing gradually as he slowly loses his baby fat but that can't hide Jimin's natural charms.

BTS is setting amazing chart records both in Korea and overseas and their possibility of becoming a long-lasting idol group.

People say you'll be blessed with beautiful luck for your beautiful smile. We wish the group who is actively promoting to only have happiness in the future.

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