[Article] 170401 Do Jihan, "Maknae V is cute, I went to BTS's concert too" Interview ②

Actor Do Jihan expressed his affection for BTS V who he became close through the KBS2 drama "Hwarang". Although their relationship was formed because of the drama, they brothers like no other.

Do Jihan caught both romance and bromance with one stone in "Hwarang". He especially showed incredible chemistry with the "Hwarangs". He is now close friends with Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, Kim Taehyung, Cho Yoonwoo, and Kim Hyunjoon who worked with him in "Hwarang". And the youngest Kim Taehyung sought advice from the elder brothers since this was his first time acting.

Do Jihan expressed his affection and said, "Taehyung is the youngest but he was very good to his hyungs. I found him especially cute because Taehyung's dorm and my house is very close so he would call me and Seojoon hyung asking us to check his acting before the shoot. I liked him more because he wasn't embarrassed or shy when he approached us. My younger cousin said s/he is a fan of BTS so I went to the concert with her/him. Taehyung and I became very close brothers."

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