[Article] 1704011 BTS is the only Korean singer nominated for US Billboard Music Awards

Group BTS earned the glory of being the only Korean singer to be nominated for the "2017 US Billboard Music Awards".

On the 10th (local time) Billboard announced the nominees for each category for 2017 US Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 21st on their homepage and SNS.

BTS stood shoulder to shoulder with global pop stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Medes under the "Top Social Media Artist" category.

Billboard Music Awards selects the candidates based on the digital sales, streaming, no. of times the songs were played on the radio, concerts, SNS participate rate, etc during a year. Users can begin voting for "Top Social Media Artist" from May 1st and more details will be released later.

BTS has shown powerful influence on the global social network by ranking No. 1 for 19 times on Billboard "Social 50" chart since October last year, surpassing other global top artists.

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1. wow BTS is awesome (shivers) +3796 -241

2. wow it's amazing to just be a nominee for Billboard... I think we should really congratulate them for their remarkable activities in other countries as a Korean group. I'm really proud +3382 -202

3. It's insane.. look at the lineup... seriously BTS's popularity in other countries is no joke +2971 -189

4. heol... it's really daebak.. wow.. is this even real +2730 -180

5. so cool ㅠㅠ Bangtan Bangtan BangBangtan!❤️ Let's perform the remaining shows well and see you soon +2312 -155

6. People tried to trample on them with ridiculous rumors in Korea but BTS is advancing into the world with crushing force. They are strong and cool. I hope they become a legend +799 -33

7. The other nominees are Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and BTS. This is amazing +680 -21

8. Just seeing them on the nominee list is an honor +699 -28

9.  BTS is setting another record today +677-26

10. I thought things like hallyu are just media play... I can't believe how popular they are... ㅋㅋ Just like how PSY was highly praised saying he's enhancing national prestige when he was nominated in 2013, I hope people will stop judging them for a moment and congratulate sincerely for being nominated. This is amazing and I'm proud +517 -10

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