[Article] 170405 "Radio Star" Oh Sangjin "Kim Soyoung likes BTS... she always watch their MV before going to bed"

Oh Sangjin said announcer Kim Soyoung is a big fan of BTS Jungkook. 

On the 5th broadcast of MBC Radio Star "How far have you traveled for an event?" episode, singer Jang Yoonjung, Hong Jinyoung, and TV personality Shin Youngil and Oh Sangjin appeared as guests.

On this day, Oh Sangjin revealed that his girlfriend Kim Soyoung, an announcer of MBC is a fan of group BTS. He said, ""Kim Soyoung announcer loves BTS so much that she spends at least one and a half hours to watch BTS's music videos. She is a big fan of Jungkook".

He also added, "We had to change into many dresses and outfits during our recent wedding photoshoot so it was quite tiring and it took a long time but she cheered up when I played BTS's albums I brought with me.".

He said, "(Kim announcer) She used to be a fan of Shinhwa. When I asked her who was her favorite member, she gave me a very unexpected answer and said her bias member was Park Choongjae (Junjin)", explaining his surprise to the image difference between her favorite member and himself.

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