[Article] 170406 [Hollywood Communication] "BTS" J Hope becomes a successful fanboy... US singer Tinashe says "OK" for a collaboration

Pop singer Tinashe replied to BTS J Hope (Jung Hoseok)'s wish to collaborate with the pop singer.

In a recent interview with a US media, the reporter asked Tinashe, "Korean Boy group "BTS"'s J Hope dreamed of collaborating with Tinashe. Are you aware of this?". J Hope is known to be Tinashe's fan for a long time.

Tinashe's reply was positive. She replied, "I have heard this. Fans on SNS told me about this. Hey, I'm down. Send me a track.".

BTS's popularity among foreign celebrities is rising. Recently, Charlie Puth the singer of "See you again" also tweeted "I saw BTS's cover of my song. I like their songs too".

Listeners are anticipating to see how they complete the unique collaboration.

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1. Tinashe said she had watched their interview. J Hope must be happy... Anyway, BTS did at least 10 interviews during their US tour and this is really cool +320 -3

2. Our Hope makes us so proud and he's cool +288 -6

3. This is daebak~ Our Hobi~!! +235 -2

4. He's cool +215 -3

5. Daebak♡♡♡♡♡♡ +214 -5

6. BTS is overwhelmingly mentioned by many musicians, celebrities in a good way compared to other groups. I think I've seen at least 18 medias reporting about BTS's overseas concerts... Isn't this enough to make you proud?? Could you just call this a media play? +76 -0

7. BTS has been popular among celebrities... Daughter of a famous celebrity is a fan of BTS, Hollywood child star is also a BTS fan and I think an announcer said s/he's also a BTS fan too... and even idols chose BTS as a favorable idol during ISAC too... BTS got the most number of votes... dj too and some musician or violinist.. when you keep searching, there are many celebrities who are fans of BTS. I think people like them and recognize the group's worth. As expected from Super Star Boy Scouts! +71 -1

8. Although BTS is a boy group from a small company they are now the top group... They have reached where they are today only with talent >ㅇ< +66 -0

9. BTS J Hope oppa would be probably busy with world tour but I will look forward to your collaboration with singer Tinashe!! Please complete your world tour safely ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'll always be cheering~~ I love you oppa +62 -1

10. Hobi must be happy~ Even Rap Mon collaborated with Warren G before and then Wale recently. BTS has been in contact with a few pop singers on SNS... this could mean we could look forward to a good result too... it will be daebak if Hobi gets to collaborate with her! +56 -1

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