[Article] 170424 [Oh! A cup of coffee②] Bang Sihyuk X BTS "Billboard Awards, we really want to stand on the stage rather than winning the award"

When PSY took over the Billboard with "Gangnam Style" for the first time back in 2012, the entire nation supported him with one mind. 5 years later, BTS wrote a new history. They held the first honor of being the first idol group to be nominated for  "Top Social Media Artist" at the 2017 Billboard Music Award. 

You can guess the level by just looking at the nominees. Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes are the nominated stars. Fans will begin voting on May 1st and there's nothing we can do other than to trust their mighty Korean and international fandom, ARMY. Even the leader of Bighit Entertainment, Bang Sihyuk is careful but he still has high expectation.

- BTS is a boy group highly praised by the Billboard. What could be the secret?

"I guess it's because we continuously unravel our story through music. There aren't many teams among KPOP singers who talk about their stories. On the other hand, there are many singers who talk about their stories in the US. BTS has boldly touched the subjects that might be considered risky. I think that was refreshing to the Western critics. Billboard is diligently writing articles to the point it might look like our company's promotion. Their recent article with the title "can conscious kpop cross over?" remains in my memory. They really captured the stories our boys and I write in our music to express the emotions felt by our present day youths."

- It seems like BTS is more recognized in the overseas compared to Korea?

"I think this is quite true. However, rather than being disappointed it's just that we know about ourselves very well. We have high recognition through the news in Korea but honestly, it's true that BTS is not considered as a group who became big because of their song so we're not disappointed. My bias towards the US culture and music is strong because I personally grew up listening and watching the US music and culture. This is why I lead BTS's music to match that direction. However, BTS is a KPOP group so other than music, we try to match our side (Korea). BTS style performance looks like KPOP synchronizing group choreography but we also combine the trending performances of the US. I guess that explains why they're loved by Korea and overseas?"

- BTS was nominated for this year's Billboard Award "Top Social Media Artist"

"We really didn't even imagine this. They released the nominee video and BTS appeared exactly at 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Chances of winning? Nah. Of course, it's going to be amazing if they win the award but I'm just delighted to see them nominated. It's not going to be easy since the other nominees are very strong but this award is presented by the fans so I think I may put a small hope in our passionate ARMY fans. However, I pray for them to have the chance to attend the awards ceremony with my two hands together rather than winning the award. We also happen to be free on that day. We haven't received the invitation yet but even our members have high hopes and they're nervous."

- They debuted in June 2013 and in no time, it's almost their 4th year. How do you feel?

"I'm proud. I'm a very greedy and ambitious person. At first, I had the idea to create "singer who will win the Daesang", "Best Korean singer" without any basis. I was laughed at and some pitied me from time to time. Above all, even the members themselves didn't believe they could achieve that. I think they only thought "Our company would do their best". This is why the members related to my dream a little later. Because the members began to see and feel the results with their own eyes. Honestly, when they swept the Daesangs last year this achievement did not "wow" me. That was why I could not believe their recent achievement. In the US where I longed for, BTS was loved for who they are with Korean music. I'm just amazed that they have succeeded to such extent."

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1. We'd be really proud if they get to perform on stage! BTS fighting!!♡ +1866 -123

2. I will support you for everything❤️ +1417 -88

3. I'm supporting you! BTS, fighting~! +1367 -83

4. I'm really proud as their fan ㅠㅠ! I hope the day they get to stand on stage comes! BTS fighting❤️ +1330 -93

5. Billboard Boy Scouts +1260 -94

6. They really grew up well and reached the door sill of Billboard ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ thank you and I'm sorry always. Come back safely after your world tour~ +286 -10

7. BTS fighting! Before learning about BTS I thought they're just another Korean idol but... I began to learn about them since last year's "WINGS" album and I realized that there is no group in this world who are nice, work hard, charming, and talented as them. They're really the only group! I've stanned many groups around the world but BTS is the best! I will always support you and I love you! I hope you get to attend Billboard Awards and we will work to make sure you win the award too! Fighting +275 -10

8. But you're a real artist when you receive spotlight from the overseas rather than Korea... they're only underrated in Korea. I wonder if it's because they're an idol or if they're from a small company.. even now when I tell others that I'm a fan of BTS I get that weird look like "when will you grow up?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But they don't even try to listen or watch their performance or the story they're trying to tell us. Among the singers I've seen so far, BTS is the first group with such high degree of completion in strong story, challenging performance, and trendy music.... +269 -10

9. They were scheduled with tour dates since months ago but they are free on that day. I think someone was able to look-ahead. Even if they don't get to perform on the stage, I wish I could see them among famous global celebrities. BTS fighting~!! +244 -4

10. Bang PD-nim is a very nice person ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Billboard singer BTS, fighting! +255 -9

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