[Article] 170424 [Oh! A cup of coffee③] Bang Sihyuk, "Jungkook's personality has changed, Jin hasn't changed.. all BTS members are pure"

On 2013 June, BTS ambitiously debuted with their arms full of traditional hip hop swag which is hard for an idol to do. The seven boys who questioned "dude, what is your dream?" instantly captured the hearts of teenage fangirls. Their debut album "2 COOL 4 SKOOL" sold 60,000 copies and as time passed, they became more powerful.

They sold 100,000 copies with the second album "Skool Luv Affair". BTS who continued to grow released their first full album "Dark & Wild" on August 20th 2014 in just 1 year and 2 months since their debut and their EP album released in April 2015 "HYYH pt 1" title track "I NEED U" won their first No. 1 on the music show. After growing up as respectable No. 1 singer, they swept the Daesangs at the end of the year music ceremonies last year, drawing a proper growth curve. And now they are the proud kids of Bang Sihyuk who are dominating the world.

- How did you gather the current members?

"I honestly prefer people who are picky in music rather than listening to many different songs. I listened to this guy called Pdogg's music from Gimhae and I brought him immediately to Seoul because I felt that he had listened to a lot of hip hop songs. The hip hop people around him introduced Rap Monster and even I listened to his songs and in my opinion, he was really good. I felt a sense of calling that I should definitely debut this guy. Company management said it's going to be difficult for him to grow big if he's not an idol so I decided to create a hip hop idol. We opened the audition where I met Suga and taught hip hop to Hoseok (J Hope) who used to be a dancer while they lived together. We gradually formed the members like that and that's how we created the current BTS."

- Please boast about the members.

"I'm embarrassed to talk about individual members but we were able to reach this position because of their musical passion. Their passion for music is enormous. I think this is the duty of singers, don't you think? The seven of them are all very wise. They are wise as a team too. Each member understands their duty in the team and what they should be doing. How could they not have arguments when seven men are together? But they try to solve the problem as a team and not individually. They are praiseworthy, pure and they are all very nice. They're not nice like fools but amazingly they're not like celebrities. Good-natured guys with common sense and opinion are BTS Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jin, V, Jungkook and Jimin. Even I'm amazed when I'm with these guys and I learn from them many times."

- You must be proud to see them grow up personally and not just for business

"I met Rap Monster for the first time when he was in Grade 9 so I've known him for 7~8 years. I share the emotions of their fans. He began training from very young age and made his debut so it's fun to watch his personlity change from his trainee days compared to now. Honestly, Jungkook could never sing when we asked him to sing during his trainee days. He would twist and fidget for 15 minutes because he was shy. He was even evaluated by the company if it was possible for him to debut because he didn't have that much of talent. But now he has become a beagle member, didn't he? Their personalities have changed but their eldest hyung Jin's personality hasn't changed at all. He is a very, very sensible person. He is a good guy who holds the members so they wouldn't cross the line."

- What do you want from them as their company representative?

"Musical-wise, I wish them to continue doing their thing. I hope they will continue to do music because they want to and feel delighted while doing it, not because it's their work. I hope they will grow so they can do their music as individual artists in the future. Honestly, there are members who can't work on their own right now. I want them to grow properly and continue writing sincere lyrics."

- Do you often drink with the members?

"We did drink together to celebrate when youngest Jungkook became an adult but we don't do this often. Members aren't very good drinkers. At least Suga drinks a little more but I being a heavy drinker...  One of the members made a mistake when we drank together so all of us are trying to reduce. However, I hardly get to see them because BTS's schedules are busy.

- Plans for BTS's unit and sibling group?

"All possibilities for BTS's unit groups are open. The members' decisions and ideas are important too. However, the members decided to focus on the team for now. Even BTS's sibling group is discussed within the company but nothing has been decided. We do have quite a number of trainees but we aren't still sure what to do. There's one thing we've made clear but we don't have any female trainees. I think I've seen posts about "BTS's younger sister group" on the internet but we do not have any female trainees."

- BTS is occasionally mentioned as role model among rookie idols

"Our musical advice for them would be to never lose their passion for music and to not forget the importance of their fans, those our only advice because these things are that hard to maintain. I personally don't like "don't lose your original intention" advice. You should receive better treatment when you grow up, right? That is why we try to grow. As long as they don't forget their gratitude to the people who made them successful and not lose their musical passion, I think they will all do well. Especially because the fans of idols sacrifice their own lives to support the idols.

- You must be very grateful to fandom, ARMY

"Their US fandom is the biggest fandom among international fandoms. But the tendency of our global fandom is equal. The fans are that much surprisingly not aggressive and they think a lot about the public interest. They came together because of a common denominator, BTS and as a group, they say they should all do good-natured actions and this makes me proud. Their tendency fits well with the members and the company. They are called ARMY but they're not that violent. And overall there are many male fans. This is also one of our pride."

- Do you have any ultimate goal or big picture?

"I'm not the type to draw such thing. I merely do our best for each thing I'm given. I want to show the fans that BTS is constantly growing. Even members think the same. Their growth will stop eventually but we will do our best to not let that happen. Although I wish BTS to grow endlessly until they join the military, I guess only God knows what will happen after that. They still haven't reached the summit. This is the beginning. We should work harder."

- If you have something to say to the fans on behalf of the members?

"Fans made it 100% possible for BTS to reach this point. BTS and I do music we want only because it's our job and we reached where we're now with their fans' love. Fans will continue to be the No.1 priority and we will continue to work on music diligently so I hope you will continue to love BTS. Thank you and thank you again.

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1. Bang Sihyuk PD-nim, thank you so much for raising them and letting us love such amazing people ㅠㅠ 7 BTS who are on world tour, I hope you will safely and successfully end the concert~~~ +628 -0

2. I teared a bit after reading the article... As a person who has disconnected all ties with people, BTS is my only friend and their music is my only comfort. Bang PD-nim, thank you very, very much for creating present BTS  +541 -1

3. This is why we can't help but continue stanning BTS because we have a representative who understands the hearts of their fans to this extent ㅠㅠ PD-nim thank you +496 -0

4. PD-nim, I will continue sticking here because I trust you!!!!!! +427 -0

5. they have no female trainees... this is cool +345 -9

6. Ultimately, I decided to become a fan of BTS because they focus on music which is the most difficult yet the foundation of all singers and they really, really work hard. Also, you can see that they love music in their eyes. All members and even Bang PD-nim mentioned this but they're nice, have common sense, and they don't fall out. This is why I like them. These are things you can't pretend or fake about because it should come naturally and I can feel that every 7 members of BTS aren't just good singers, they're good people. +105 -0

7. there's no company like Bighit +99 -0

8. This is an interview that made me immediately realize why fans can't help but love BTS! Even other fandoms are aware of BTS's love for their fans and I just realized once again that Bang PD-nim inspires them ㅎㅎ I always thought that the secret behind BTS's success is the 7 members' passion for music, effort, teamwork and not only fans' love but because BTS has a true mentor like Bang PD-nim. I really respect you a lot, Bang PD-nim..♡ I'm happy to be ARMY! I will continue to watch their growth and support always! Bang PD-nim I love you. BTS I purple you. Let's trust in each other and love together for a long, long time +87 -0

9. Good-natured guys with common sense and opinion are BTS Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jin, V, Jungkook and Jimin. Bang PD-nim, I agree with you~~ this is why I love BTS +86 -0

10. I can feel that you are a very wise leader from the interview. Plus I wasn't wrong about our BTS members being fully packed people (mature, sensible, wise, etc) although they might seem like babies. How can they be so pretty the more I learn about them~ +82 -0

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