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"BTS =dirtspoon's rebellion?"

They made their debut in June 2013 and they're already running towards their 4th year. They gradually worked their way up from the rookie awards and in two years they won their very first No. 1 award in music show and a year later they became the winner of the Daesang trophy at the end of the year music award ceremony. They have captured the US and international stages because the domestic stage isn't big enough for them and they have grown into the KPOP group loved by Billboard. They're the group that's writing a dazzling record. They are BTS.

BTS is under BigHit Entertainment. Composer Bang Sihyuk is the representative of the company and it's true that the size of the firm is different compared to the big companies. Nevertheless, he still lead BTS to success and in no time he's leading the domestic gayo industry. We recently did a written interview with CEO Bang Sihyuk who wrote the "success story of dirt spoon". We were able to read his affection for BTS, the secret behind their success, and the future plans.

- We will ask you frankly. What could be the secret behind BTS's success?

"I'm honestly not sure. After compiling the remarks of fans, journalists, and critics after BTS's success, I think it's because they have good performance, they are in time with the world music trend, and they talked about their own stories with their music. The global youths found their songs relatable. I think interacting through various SNS channels created a sense of friendliness which could also be a secret.

- "School trilogy", "HYYH series", etc. You led the "N series" sequels, right?

"Even older groups have done many series like this but it could be said that BTS tried this concept after a long time. However, our company dislikes unnatural plans. Others might disagree but we don't rely on bright ideas. We have a firm philosophy of BTS members talking about their own stories. Since we were trying to express this, the quantity became too enormous to put in one album.  We decided to divide the story into pieces because putting everything into one album forcefully would only make it look disorganized. It wasn't a unique concept point. We merely divided the story."

- It feels like BTS's present color has changed a little compared to their early debut days.

"I think this will differ according to the point of view. A concept is important in the idol industry so according to the visual and musical concepts, BTS has indeed tried out various colors. We have heard comments like "Aren't they different?", "BTS has changed" but inside the company, we can't use expressions like "change" and "transform". It's because we have not changed our perspective of talking about the stories of 10s and 20s. We are only following the music, fashion, and trend which fits the members' age during that period. Fans could have left the group if we had betrayed the original concept but they haven't so I think they realize the group's consistency. Ever since their debut to present, BTS has been talking about their stories, the stories of their generation, and the stories they want to hide in a truthful way, We never decide "Shall we try this concept for this album?"."

- Members have actively released their own mixtapes and collaboration activities

"Members are free to decide on this topic. It's not right for us (company) to interfere with their music. The company can help the members to complete high-quality music but I believe that the company shouldn't touch the musical directions of the members. The members' intention is the most important thing. Before they bring the songs to me (lastly), they review the songs themselves and with the producers so as their company, we only decide if the song has the quality to be presented to their fans. The members receive many collaboration offers from Korean and overseas but I do not interfere this at all. There's one rule. The company only backs the artist when the singers receive contacts and agree to work together. The company has not offered any suggestions after drawing a big picture."

- BTS members are active on SNS accounts 

"We keep the members free. Even this wasn't something we planned intentionally as a marketing strategy. Our company has this culture of not being good at some things. However, we have asked the members to not create individual accounts because that is not a team culture so they created one account ever since before their debut. All members have a good understanding that this is their team account and they enjoy using it. We all love "fan culture" so they are create a virtuous circle. The members create so many contents on their own so it's hard for us to post everything on SNS."

- It's interesting that there is not even one foreign member when they are a group with a big international fandom

"Honestly, I didn't expect so much response from the overseas for BTS. When we first launched the group, we tried to keep the minimum virtue as a KPOP idol. They had good performance and they did not only rely on music in overall production and paid attention to details like outfits and music videos. Concerns of youths is a universal thing and it doesn't follow the trend so I think this made international fans to relate. Furthermore, Youtube played a role in making it easier for the global fans to access the contents. Fans of BTS translating videos to recruit international fans is becoming a culture. I'm just thankful. Recently there was a surprising incident. A dance school in Estonia, a country close to the Baltic Sea created a "BTS dance class". It was very surprising."

- How were the recent South and North America tour?

"It was really beyond my expectation. I knew they received good response from the US but South America showed intense interest. Their explosive response before beginning the ticket sales was amazing and while we traveled to LA from South and North America, I was surprised to see their fandom increasing. I couldn't believe BTS was this big haha. Honestly, we were able to be this successful because of the previous generation KPOP singers and their companies. This made us feel responsible for opening the road to the western market for our future juniors."

- How do you feel about BTS being referred as dirt spoon?

"We did not use this expression first. However, there are some people who think we're comparing ourselves to others as a marketing strategy and I dislike this opinion. I will clearly state that we do not want such marketing. It doesn't matter if we like or dislike the "dirt spoon" expression. It's true that BTS became successful from a company that did not have any brand reputation. We began without assets and we did achieve success so the "dirt spoon" expression is understandable but we hope you will stop misunderstanding that we are using this as a marketing strategy."

- Something BTS doesn't have, it's bad relation rumors between members

"There's no bad relation rumors because they don't have a bad relation in real life. They die because they like each other. Small fights do arise often because they are 7 guys but we taught them to resolve the problems within the team even if they fight ever before their debut. The members follow this 100%. The 7 of them get along very well and makes me wonder how is it possible that they don't have any problems. I think this is a key to becoming a long lasting group like Shinhwa."

- It's true that antis will increase as they gain more popularity

"I think there is a level we can accommodate. We consider users who offend us or the members based on rumors are way beyond just negative comments and antis. We have already filed reports to the police. This isn't something we can forgive. Isn't it true that lying and cursing behind anonymity is an unacceptable culture? I believe others below this level fall under freedom of expression. The internet is a society that guarantees anonymity and equality. However, I can't sit and watch something above this standard. We will continue to bear all time and cost to confront strongly. Most of all, members are very hurt and they suffer. They are still young youths. They recieve most pain when they begin rumors about our music and contents. Now we thought some users have crossed the line so in order to protect our members we stepped forward to take strong actions and not accept any settlements." (Interview will continue in part ②)

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1. I'm really happy that they're taking strong actions ㅠㅠ +423 -0

2. I was able to learn the road walked by BTS after reading the interview. I think Bang PD-nim's philosophy of giving them freedom although they are a KPOP idol and it played a big role. Please continue to show great results with BTS! +330 -0

3. Bang PD-nim, thank you for letting us meet such amazing group BTS ㅠㅠ I love you. Please continue to show lots of love to our BTS ♥️ +275 -1

4. pd-nim is the best♡♡♡ +221 -0

5. I hope BIGHIT can let bts rest and let them see their families. I'm sure armys will support. +133 -3

6. they die because they like each other too much ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ BTS, l purple you~ Bang PD-nim, congrats on losing 20kg~ let's stay together for a very long, long time~!! +55 -1

7. PD-nim, I think you made a godly of putting these 7 members under one group... ㅠㅠ seriously I think I'm fortunate to meet BTS. I don't think I'll be able to meet a group like them again... Please continue to trust in BTS for a long, long time ㅠㅠ +49 -0

8. Bang PD-nim ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ The interview is so nice. I'm walking to my real life with happy steps from morning +49 -0

9. No settlements ㅎㅎ Bang PD-nim I love you really +43 -0

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