[Article] 170424 Seo Taeji's remake project begins... BTS is the first group [Official]

Seo Taeji's remake project begins... BTS is the first group

Along with Seo Taeji's 25th-anniversary concert on September 2nd in Jamsil, the remake project will also begin. 

Staffs of Seo Taeji revealed, "The "25" project where Mr. Seo Taeji's junior singers will participate to remake his past hits will begin. It's been decided that BTS is going to be the first singer to begin the remake."

Seo Taeji's remake project, "25" will create a musical tie between Seo Taeji who is celebrating his 25th anniversary this year and his junior singers. The project was created with Seo Taeji's hope to present meaningful music to the public.

The first junior singer of project "25" is BTS. They are the only Asian singer t be nominated for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and their second full album "WINGS" achieved the highest ranking among Korean singers in the US Billboard 200 chart by debuting at No. 26. BTS also set the first record for the Korean artists to enter the Billboard 200 for 4 consecutive times with their recent album "WINGS Extension" released in February.

BTS also gained great attention from Seo Taeji's fans, Korean and international listeners after their dynamic performance of "Classroom Idea" at 2016 KBS Gayo Daechukjae. Even Seo Taeji highly praised BTS's stage.

Staffs of Seo Taeji said, "Mr. Seo Taeji has personally chosen BTS and he will be choosing the rest of his junior musicians who will participate in the "25" project. He will also discuss with his juniors during the process and to strengthen their strong points."

Seo Taeji will sequentially reveal the musicians and the songs they will re-interpret in his "25" project.

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1. BTS, I really praise you~ ^^ Let's walk on only flower road!! +373 -25

2. oh I'm curious what song and what kind of vibe BTS will show and I'm anticipating +314 -18

3. SOGYEOKDONG was really good and I can still remember the emotions and incidents during that time even when I listen to the song now ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I listened to Christmas Halloween for a long time +325 -25

4. heol daebak wow this is a really big project +296 -18

5. daeeebakkkk!!! BTS is the first group ㅠ0ㅠ (wails) +270 -18

6. They did a  real cover of Classroom Idea and they got this chance ㅠ +85 -2

7. This really is the collaboration of the old and the new. I will look forward to the best collaboration and support you! +78 -2

8. wow Seo Taeji personally recommended them ㅠ-ㅠ BTS is amazing. Even their Classroom Idea stage at the end of the year ceremony was nice. I'm really looking forward ㅠ-ㅠb!! +80 -4

9. I'm really looking forward to seeing what BTS will show us!! +74 -2

10. oh ^^ I'm looking forward +72 -2

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